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Associate Professor of Management Practice in Marketing and Entrepreneurship

Want to be more creative? Start with these books chosen by LBS faculty

By Pier Vittorio Mannucci

If you’re a fledgling entrepreneur, chances are you’ll be seeking venture capital. But there are other sources of money

By John Mullins

More change is coming, say our experts, so be prepared for another challenging year.

By Richard Jolly

You have probably dreamed of being a professional sports person. But if you’re not a born athlete, why not start a sports business?

By John Mullins

Today’s entrepreneurs often assume they must raise venture capital. But there’s something wrong with this picture, says John Mullins.

By John Mullins

How to make a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)

By John Mullins

The vast majority of fast-growing companies never take any angel or venture funding. Why should you?

By John Mullins

Some people are born to break the rules. Most aren't. And this, it turns out, is bad for business.

By Barrett Ersek

John Mullins explains why it pays to challenge your business idea before throwing time and money at it.

By John Mullins

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