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Adjunct Professor of Strategic Management at Antwerp Management School

What can traditional manufacturers learn from the new world of connected devices? The product is no longer where you make the profit

By Jamie Anderson

Leadership is undergoing seismic shift. The new challenge is to inspire humanity

By Dr Babita Mathur-Helm

Jamie Anderson and Ayelet Baron venture beyond the workplace, broadening out the definition of what it means to be successful.

By Jamie Anderson

Jamie Anderson, Jörg Reckhenrich and Martin Kupp celebrate strategy the Lady Gaga way.

By Martin Kupp

Gianvito Lanzolla and Jamie Anderson argue that the new reality of numerous companies offering overlapping digital products means that ...

By Gianvito Lanzolla

British artist Damien Hirst is both controversial and successful. Jörg Reckhenrich, Jamie Anderson and Martin Kupp suggest that his ...

By Jamie Anderson

“Think outside the box” is the slogan of countless creativity experts who rightly connect creative thinking to corporate innovation.

By Jamie Anderson

Globalization has been seen as both a threat and an opportunity whenever it has occurred. Jamie Anderson, Martin Kupp and Jörg ...

By Jamie Anderson

If you want to lend or borrow money, ZOPA is a much acclaimed peer-to-peer lending service.

By Jamie Anderson

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