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Professor of Organisational Behaviour

Faculty and practitioners share personal stories on tackling gender disparity

By Randall S Peterson

There is a time for transparency in negotiations. But how much can you reveal, and when should you hold back? Gillian Ku gives some answers

By Gillian Ku

LBS professors share what Brexit might involve – and how businesses might react

By Andrew Scott

Keep these five key points in mind and you’ll be able to handle any negotiation with confidence

By Ena Inesi

Negotiating is seen as a male, winner-takes-all behaviour but Gillian Ku suggests women could bring a more ethical approach to the table

By Gillian Ku

Being able to step into somebody else’s shoes is an important skill for any leader – including the President of the US, says Gillian Ku

By Gillian Ku

Knowing what to say and how to behave when offered a new job will increase your chances of getting the right job package for you.

By Gillian Ku

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