London Business School Review

Is creativity a mystery to you? The creation of novel concepts is not a “magical act” say Michael Parke and Pier Vittorio Manucci

By London Business School

The latest Global Investment Returns Yearbook yields some surprising insights into varying returns around the world.

By Elroy Dimson

How to get beyond business-as-usual to a creative breakthrough: be real, angry, paranoid. Be a thief and be yourself

By Jessica Spungin

Effective leaders must be able to envision, express, excite, enable and execute, says Randstad India CEO Paul Dupuis

By Kim Thomas

“There is a magic to discipline”: heading up talent acquisition in an adhocracy

By London Business School

Growth and fixed mindsets make a difference to whether we welcome the displaced into our societies

By Aine Doris

Bringing your ‘whole self’ to work can feel like a risky manoeuvre. Here’s why

By Randall S Peterson

What could a bunch of children teach the rest of us about how to innovate? A lot, as it happens

By Aine Doris

Can a historic event such as the US election have the power to affect people’s attitudes around gender?

By Oriane Georgeac

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