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Machine learning is opening up new avenues in behavioural finance – but human curiosity and intelligence are still essential

By AQR Asset Management Institute

Mobile isn’t another online channel. Nitish Jain shares insights for key decision-makers on promotions, product search and return policies

By Nitish Jain

Investment in data science can reap great rewards. If it doesn’t yield what you hope for, ask where you’re going wrong

By Nicos Savva

Full transparency brings its own dangers. Dan Cable and Julian Birkinshaw explain

By Dan Cable

To unleash automation’s decision-making potential we must examine its limitations

By Nicos Savva

How facts shape our view of the world – and how they can mislead

By Alex Edmans

Dr Gah-Yi Ban explains that inventory theory combined with Big Data could help address the problem of global waste

By Gah-Yi Ban

Midwives’ decisions can determine the level of care expectant mothers receive

By Nicos Savva

Nicos Savva identifies one way in which online review platforms are flawed

By Nicos Savva

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