Is it right for me?

The Entrepreneurship Summer School is designed for:

  • individuals who want to research the feasibility of a new business idea.
  • people who are thinking of starting a new venture within their organisation.
  • those who are trying to decide if they want to pursue the entrepreneurial life.

Participants come from a diverse range of backgrounds. Some are graduate students, for instance, while others are currently in the workforce. Some already have experience with start-ups, while others are looking to discover whether being an entrepreneur is for them. What all participants share is the desire to develop a new venture idea. 

"While I have not started a business since leaving Summer School in 2005, the knowledge I gained during the summer - how to build a business plan, fund projects and develop entrepreneurial skills - has proved vital in my career as a management consultant. I also gained a network of professionals who I remain in contact with - people I still bounce ideas off of, and whose opinions I value."

Marc Berman, Entrepreneurship Summer School, 2005; and SEMBA, 2006

"I now have a much better understanding of my business concept's true cost structure and customer needs due to the guidance and structured schedule of Entrepreneurship Summer School.  With a drastically changed business model, I have been able to answer angel investor questions with confidence and raised capital for my ESS-enhanced start-up."

Andrew Bates, Entrepreneurship Summer School student, 2007; and MBA, 2008