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European Winter Finance Conference

Dates: Sunday 15 January to Wednesday 18 January 2017


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Best Teacher Award, MBA 2016

Alex Edmans, Professor of Finance


Best Teacher Award, MiF 2016

Suleyman Basak, Professor of Finance

Past events

Survival of the Fittest, Saturday, 21 November 2015

It was the coldest day of the year, with fresh snow blowing into competitors’ faces and bodies at 08.00 in the morning. A team of ten, led by Prof. Alex Edmans, arrived into Wembley, slightly wary of the weather but also excited about starting the 10km long obstacle course race. One faculty member (Alex Edmans), one seminar speaker (Maryam Farboodi), two MBA students, four PhD students (Dimas Fazio, Anton Lines, Emily Williams and Luofu Ye), and two administrators (Haya Ali and Eleanor Eiserman) made up the Finance Subject Area’s team; however, the competitive spirit kicked in early, splintering the team into three parts just 15 minutes into race. The ten competitors pushed themselves to scale walls and haystacks, jump hurdles, swing from frozen monkey bars, march through gushing, thigh-deep canal water, crawl under swinging rubber tyres, climb and descend ropes, carry kegs and sandbags, overcome the mighty Travelator, and more. Running in freezing temperatures, whilst frantically rubbing their hands together, was their “down time.”


Fortunately, all ten emerged victorious, some completing the obstacle course race much faster than others, but all willing to share their battle stories and to enjoy a laugh over pints of beer in the Survivors’ Tent. The results were published the following day and they were not surprising, with Alex finishing close to the top of the Men’s league table and the two administrators finishing close to the middle of the pack on the Women’s league table. The two administrators vowed never to sign up for another muddy race again.

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