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Raji Jagadeesan

Executive Director of the Wheeler Institute for Business and Development

Raji Jagadeesan has spent her career forging connections across the public, private, academic and non-profit sectors – precisely because complex social issues rarely lend themselves to straightforward solutions.

By bridging evidence-based public policy strategies to broader business and civil society initiatives, Raji has launched multiple research-driven ventures. She helped create the Risky Business Project, a bipartisan climate data initiative with US corporate leaders to develop financial risk assessments on climate change risks. She also served as the Associate Dean for China Initiatives at the NYU Stern School of Business, where she created its research partnership strategy on Chinese capital markets reform efforts.

Raji joined NYU Stern from the US Department of the Treasury, where she was Managing Director for China Operations and oversaw the US government's highest-level economic and trade talks with the Chinese government. She served as the primary liaison to US technology, manufacturing and banking firms on critical US-China policies relating to trade, currency and US job growth. Raji was also Senior Advisor to the Under Secretary for International Affairs and helped shape US policy related to the G20, IMF, and World Bank during the financial crisis.

Prior to her time at Treasury, Raji helped build the Global Economy and Development division at the Brookings Institution, with the mission of increasing sustainable economic growth, engaging the leadership of emerging markets and combating global poverty through research-driven policy solutions. Raji helped lead the drive to expand the Brookings footprint globally into Latin America, Africa, India and China.

Raji began her career in the private sector, at PwC, IBM, and Unisys – where she managed strategic planning and IT consulting projects for both private-sector and public-sector clients. She received her masters in public policy from Harvard University and her BA from the University of Pennsylvania. Raji is a senior advisor to the US-China Strong Foundation, which was spun off from the US Department of State in 2009 to strengthen US-China relations.