The Wheeler Institute for Business and Development launched in 2018 to illuminate and help solve the pressing global issues that impede development.

We are committed to bringing about positive change though sharing and applying business expertise. We will bring our joint research and experience to bear on the challenges faced by some of the world’s most underprivileged communities – from poverty to illiteracy, disease to pollution.

Our platform will enable us to share evidence-based insights with a network of partners, harnessing the power of business for the good of the world’s most underserved people. We embrace this unique opportunity and clear responsibility to work for the social good of the world.

Our aspiration

We will use business insights to address the world’s most pressing economic, social and physical challenges.

Our ambition

We will have a transformational impact by developing evidence-based interventions and inspiring and empowering the socially aware business leaders of the future.

Our approach

In partnership with local, national and global organisations we will identify innovative, scalable, sustainable solutions and encourage their adoption through partners.

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