Find out different opportunities to work with the Leadership Institute.


Institute networks

LBS students benefit from the Institute's cutting-edge research, events and publications, which enhance their learning and development experiences. The Institute also creates networking opportunities to exchange ideas and build projects with world acclaimed leadership thinkers, practitioners and business leaders.

Working with Executive Education

The Institute works closely with the School's Executive Education group to raise awareness of leadership issues, host educational events and integrate research findings into LBS programmes. This supports our collective aspiration to create learning and development solutions that benefit both individuals and organisations and accelerate leadership effectiveness.

Supporting the Leadership Institute

We are actively seeking partners to support the Institute in achieving its full potential. There are a number of ways for companies, individuals, trusts and foundations to get involved – from major sponsorship and philanthropic opportunities to practitioner connections and data exchanges.

To find out how you can work with us, please contact us.

There are a number of sub-topics we are currently encouraging new research on, and the Institute is also capturing historical research that has been undertaken at LBS for easier access to interested parties.