Discover the four pillars which underpin the Institute's research efforts.

1. Diversity: return on inclusion

Believing the focus of diversity is simply a combination of gender, race, or national origin is an easy trap to fall into. It's all of that and more. For the most effective leaders, varied perspectives in high-performing teams are not a nice to have – they are a business imperative.

By providing new insights on leading ‘return on inclusion’, we empower people to unlock the potential of diversity. We expose the benefits of uniting people and help leaders to support individuals to bring their whole self to work, change assumptions, and multiply the impact of their actions in the world.

2. Leading effective organisations

If you designed the most effective workplace for individuals and teams, what would it be? Leaders who choose to engage with the modern workforce and meet these demands with respect, authenticity and openness succeed. We show how organisations can operate at their fullest potential, allowing people to do their best work.

The most effective organisations are ones where individual differences are nurtured, where the work is meaningful and where the company adds value to stakeholders, employees, customers and shareholders alike. We offer guiding principles to design, build and sustain such places.

3. The future of leadership

‘Business as usual’ doesn’t exist. With the explosion of global business, leaders are faced with unremitting change and managing through complexity. Technology has opened the door to disruption – the call for immediacy, hybrid competitors and virtual stakeholders, all demand leadership agility.

Fundamental changes in demographics, geopolitics and access to natural resources will reshape our future world and the way we work. We arm you with knowledge to identify the values, approaches and constructs to lead deep engagement with the world, and to make a real difference.

4. Leading ethically: principles into practice


Ethical businesses do not run themselves. It takes ethical leaders to create a responsible, sustainable world. It also takes leaders who can foster environments that inspire – even reward – ethical behaviour. We uncover organisations with ethics at their very core, as well as those more in need of a moral compass reset.

Fresh insights, such as which ethical blind spots could hold leaders back and what triggers people to be dishonest in the workplace, provide practical interventions to promote ethical decision-making, mindsets and values. We explore how moral code, once unlocked, can create long-term value for all stakeholders – investors, customers, employees, community – and nurture our most precious resource: the earth.