London Business School 2019/20 Incubator Programme Cohort


Archetype is a web-based platform that helps SME architects and small project owners deliver sustainable retrofit and new-build residential projects. The platform does so by providing sustainability rating information, project life cycle cost information, a marketplace of green building materials and access to incentives such as cheaper green building loans that are available from lenders.


CULT MIA provides a platform for emerging fashion discovery, showcasing the most unique fashion pieces from the most exciting designers and hosting them in a digital pop-up, open to shop for just two weeks. Blink and you'll miss it!


Fighter Shots make 100% natural superfood energy shots, that are created to increase focus, reduce fatigue and are an alternative to coffee.



Ketka is an audio only interactive storytelling platform; our aim is to reignite the power of a millenary tradition leveraging technology to improve education and develop creativity. We use the engagement of stories and games, combined with the rigor of education and psychological framework to help children become future fit.



Oculo brings transparency to progress monitoring on construction sites, by automatically building a streetview-like walkthrough on a daily basis. This helps align everyone involved on the factual state of progress, as well as resolve claims in the future by providing a full photographic archive.



At Roleshare, our goal is to enable a sustainable workforce, where people get more from their roles, and where full-time balance in work and life is normal – regardless of the reason. We enable a sustainable workforce by helping people connect and combine their strengths for exciting and fulfilling shared roles.



SFR Medical is a MedTech start-up based in London. Through an innovative and secure solution, SFR Medical navigates the interface between the police force and NHS to provide medical evidence from victims who have been attacked, at a price that is affordable, in a time frame that is acceptable, and with the quality that is needed.



Sorakami is a subscription business delivering the most exquisite Japanese sake to your door every month. Our mission is to revolutionise the way people drink and perceive the drink of the gods. Get your sommelier-curated bottle and join the sake revolution now!



Stotles uses data to make public-sector procurement more accessible. Finding, evaluating, and bidding on government contracts is notoriously laborious and premised on out of date technology. Stotles has developed a SaaS platform that is transforming the public procurement market from a murky, sluggish world to a transparent, efficient one.



Sueted provides mobile boutiques with premium mobile fitting rooms at the point of deliveries. Our instant return option eliminates shoppers’ return journey and shrinks retailer return windows by up to 96%. We also run pop-ups in high footfall areas, providing unmatched brand awareness through mobile window displays and exterior van advertisements to fashion, beauty and accessory brands.



Thé Blending Co is a premium, experiential, direct-to-consumer tea brand. It aims to shorten the supply chain from 7 months to 7 days and provide the freshest teas to the doorstep. Additionally, it empowers customers to personalize their tea blends as per their preferences.