2017 Founder Awards winners

These 11 companies have won the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Founder Awards, giving them a place on this year’s coveted Incubator programme.

assetvaultlogo01 3

AssetVault provides a secure online platform for storing and safeguarding assets and documents such as life and home contents insurance and wills. The company, which was set up in 2015, has secured pilots with some of the world’s largest banks and insurance companies to distribute AssetVault to their customers.

Founders: Vishnu Chundi MBA2017 and Farid Haque
Carbon Chain
CarbonChain is an innovative blockchain platform, enabling companies in mining, oil and gas and construction materials to authenticate and account for any assets across their entire supply chain. The founders set up the business after discovering that human error in supply chains can hit companies’ revenues.

Founders: Roheet Shah MBA2015, Adam Hearne MBA2015 and Samuel Green MBA2015
Global Dinners _highres
Global Dinners
Bringing university students together for dinners in cities around the globe is the idea behind social network Global Dinners. Members choose a dinner party based on their own personal and professional interests and then meet like-minded people for an evening of fine food and networking.

Founders: Ricardo Tannus MiM2017, Juliano Gomes and Nitish Dewan MiM2017
Hub 85 logo
HUB85 gives companies the means to identify, analyse and govern their internal spreadsheet inventory, using business intelligence software that identifies and addresses any risks. It also spots areas of operational inefficiency. The founders plan to grow the business into a global operation.

Founders: Omar Quaraishi EMBALS2016 and Samuel Arthur
Madera will specialise in making delicious, fresh homemade waffles, along with crepes, sandwiches and salads, in a warm, family-friendly setting. The founders are launching their first restaurant, in London, as part of their ambitious plan to run Europe’s largest chain of waffle eateries by 2022.

Founders: Aleksander Aleksic MiM2017 and Jovana Kostadinovic
Medicspot Zubair-A-Logo-Final-01
MedicSpot gives patients easy and convenient access to online GPs working in pharmacies across Britain. Patients can book appointments via the web, visit their local MedicSpot-partner pharmacy, have an online consultation with a GP and then pick up prescriptions immediately after speaking to a doctor.

Founders: Dr Zubair Ahmed MBA2017, Tarlochan Toor and Nicholas Ibery EMBALJ2014
My Kingdon Books  1024 x 1024
My Kingdom Books
My Kingdom Books produces personalised stories that come to life through augmented reality. Characters spring into action when someone scans their tablet or mobile phone over the pages. While ordering books online, parents can tailor them so that their child’s name pops up throughout the story.

Founder: Amile Samarakoon EMBA2016
Sportskred Logo 1
SportsKred was set up to help athletes connect and work with brands on digital sponsorship campaigns. Sportspeople get the financial support they need to develop their careers by using their social media accounts to share content from paying companies. Meanwhile, the businesses they work with gain access to more potential customers.

Founders: Victor Stekly EMBALJ2015 and Juan Pablo Mejia Caicedo MBA2016
Stitched is a website that gives people who buy curtains online a true sense of what the finished product will look like. Customers use 3D technology to choose the style and design they want, pick the right size and confirm the order. The company offers 140+ fabrics for curtain and blinds.

Founders: Will Verrill MBA2017 and Elinor Pitt
TalEng Logo HR
Oil companies are often overcharged when hiring consultant engineers from engineering firms for a specific project. But TalEng is addressing this issue by creating a website where businesses can find and hire freelance engineers directly. As well as making it cheaper to hire freelancers, the website also reduces the time spent looking for a specialist.

Founder: Phil Houston EMBALJ2017
XYZ Logo
XYZ Reality
XYZ Reality is using augmented reality to radicalise the construction industry. The company’s HoloSite system can assess a building’s measurements and specifications more accurately than any other programme or software in the sector. It also delivers digital plans quickly and practically to the onsite workers wearing HoloSite headsets.

Founders: Umar Ahmed MiM2015 and David Mitchell

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