Twelve enterprises have won the Deloitte Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Founder Award in 2015. 



Banking Qualification

Banking Qualification aims to bring high-quality learning and development to the banking sector. The banking industry has no minimum professional qualification requirement. Professional development in banking takes place at the time and expense of the bank itself. We develop an affordable, UK accredited professional banking qualification ready for use on the doorstep of banking institutes and banks in the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

Founder: Shahnoor Meghani, SLN2015

Hiver logo



Hiver is a smartphone app that enables you to make the most of the time you spend networking. It automatically remembers each interaction you have – which is great if you're prone to forgetting names – so that you can connect with people and follow up effectively. Hiver also offers event organisers powerful data and analytics that can be used to effectively manage and sell an event so that both sponsors and attendees have a great event experience.

Founders: Andrea Sommer EMBALJ2015 and Oliver Pilgerstorfer EMBALJ2015



EncycloKidia is the first online marketplace for all children’s services. We are making the procurement of children’s services effortless by doing two things: provide parents exact, up to date information on each service; provide providers a platform to build their reputation with reviews from existing parent customers.

Founders: Shefali Modi JEMBA2012 and Zahir Koradia 

Experience_Economy_Pat_ELogo_for_Incubator Hen

Hen is a virtual assistant that makes running a business as easy as chatting.

Founder: Pat Eskinasy EMBALS2015



fosho is building ME Commerce, creating a unique online marketplace where shoppers can get instant personalized deals, by making offers on the products. People no longer have to spend days on auction sites or search for vouchers / sales – now they can simply make offers and find a price that’s right for them in just 2 minutes. Fosho’s in-built technology also allows vendors to move their stocks faster and more profitably since they don’t need to give flat, deep discount.

Founders: Pratyush Lal MBA2015 and Khyati Sundaram.



GramaGen uses biomass to generate energy, specifically grass clippings that are often just cut and left to rot. By using Anaerobic Digestion to generate energy (gas, electricity and heat) from grass collected through maintenance contracts, and finding novel uses for fertiliser by-products GramaGen’s mission is to utilise natural local resources to provide profitable energy products. uses for fertiliser by-products, it provides profitable energy products.

Founder: Ollie Chipp EMBALS2015



Hiperpool is a curated marketplace that connects high-potential business talent to the most exciting opportunities. Hiperpool’s unique model redefines the job-search process by taking the best both from the recruitment and the technology worlds.

Founders: Mohamad El Rafei MiM2012, Antonio Leone MiM2012



MarkIt is a web-based application for A-level maths. It helps students to complete assignments and automatically receive meaningful feedback. Teachers spend weekends marking homework. The feedback they write isn’t received by students until days later. By then, it’s lost its meaning and the opportunity to learn diminishes. MarkIt automates the process of marking and feedback, giving teachers more time for high-value teaching tasks. While associated data analysis provides real-time insight to teachers, it’s also academically rigorous – designed to fit current teaching routines in schools.

Founders: Charles Dupont MiM2011 and Nikki Gupta.



Nickle is modernising savings and credit through mobile technology. By building a digital banking platform for everyone, it’s democratising financial services.

Founders: Norah Prida Bay SLN2015 and Neil Cowburn 



Nookly tackles inefficiencies in the residential lettings market by empowering tenants and valuing estate agents’ time. The business leverages the mobility and reach of existing networks – much like Uber does – to create a marketplace that connects tenants and agents in a more efficient way. 

Founders: Jason Power SLN2015



Pobble is creating a more literate world, by giving teachers a means to inspire young writers and providing children with a global audience for their written work. By showcasing school work on a worldwide digital classroom wall, it boosts imagination and confidence, giving children motivation to write. Used in more than 100 countries and endorsed by authors, politicians and school leaders, Pobble has shared the writing of more than 40,000 children.

Founder: Jon Smith MBA2015 CEO and Matthijs Hovelynck MBA2015 Product Director



TableLink has developed a first-of-its-kind social book and pay platform, to revolutionise the way we go out. Call your friends, look up venues and sort money, all hassle-free. Then scroll through a list of your favourite venues, book the table or the tickets you want, invite your friends and, finally, pay together via one integrated platform.

Founders: Floris Wentholt MiM2013 COO and David Wentholt CEO