13 enterprises have won a Deloitte Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Founder Award.



authentiQ allows consumers to authenticate products prior to purchase on their mobile devices. It also markets wine at point of sale to consumers at a personal level. authentiQ is a proprietary system that employs machine learning, an advanced branch of computer science. The system is patent pending.


Founder: Adéna Shao ashao.embalj2013@london.edu






The aim of Banneya is to bring anyone's fashion design ideas to life with the power of 3D printing technology. 3D printing allows for a highly disruptive e-commerce model due to its game-changing production process. Send a digital model file to a machine and it builds it up layer by layer, this allows for mass customisation and on-demand, localised production. For designers, it means they can focus on the creative process and enjoy almost limitless freedom of design. 


Founder: Nimesh Thakrar nimesh@banneya.com 







Boozeye is a nightlife app that allows its users to purchase drinks deals and table packages from pubs, bars and nightclubs in London in just a few taps. Boozeye then guides the users to the particular venue, where they easily pick up their drinks. The interface is simple, clean and visually appealing. Their goal is to give bar customers a fun, fast and smooth journey to find drinking venues, and at the same time help venues reach out to potential customers in an efficient way.


Founder: Trond Haakenstad trond@boozeye.com 


CTO & Co 

Top executives and board members of small and medium sized companies have many of the same business related security risks as their blue-chip counterparts. Unlike the corporates, however, most do not have a trusted Technology and Security Advisor to help them navigate through these risks. With its Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Chief Security Officer (CSO), CTO & Co aims to make this corporate experience available to all.


Founder: François Collomb francois.collomb@ctoandco.com and Frank Pignal








Funryde is an on-demand real-time ride-sharing service. It provides an environmentally conscious, social and fun way to move around. It is a consumer-to-consumer business that revolves around the sharing economy, enabled by mobile technology, social media, cloud services and analytics. Funryde offers everyday drivers the potential to offset their vehicle costs while offering riders affordability and an interesting social experience, all in a safe and tightly monitored setting. It has a strong sense of community, a spirit of sharing and an environmental aim to help reduce the number of cars on the road. Funryde will be launching their beta iPhone app in London soon, and hopefully soon after throughout the UK and beyond.


Founder: Ammar Halabi ammar.halabi@funryde.com 





100Μentors is an online marketplace that empowers candidates to take control of their application process to find the best match mentors. It is a platform that for the first time allows the candidate visibility; to pre-screen hundreds of top, sophisticated mentors, customisation; for their exact need (e.g. about interviewing for the energy specialisation of a top MBA program), at the exact time they need it and value-for-money; for the most competitive price and create a "portfolio" of selected mentors, based on reviews and ratings per individual service provided by each mentor. 100Mentors' team members bring deep experience in offering unique consulting and tutoring services to students. We are aspiring to disrupt our own businesses in the traditional admissions industry, which is dominated by firms that charge an average premium of $3,500/application and underserve the massive demand for reliable and valuable consultation. 100Mentors is a bold step for accomplishing our vision about broadening access to top education to a larger pool of applicants who are now offered a range of tailored-made tools to plan and pursue their dream studies.


Founders: Alex Pokatilo pokatilo.alexey@gmail.com, Renae Schlosser rschlosser.mim2013@gmail.com and George Nikoletakis gnikoletakis@onemethod.org 





At NOOK, their mission is to help small leisure businesses to be present on any website, anywhere. They are committed to providing the most reliable service for streamlining operations and growing revenue across multiple online marketplaces. NOOK provides a software-as-a-service platform that helps small leisure businesses distribute their online profiles and availability to high traffic websites and manage all transactions in one centralised interface.


Founders: Luciana Custodio and Hernán Kleiman hello@nookgourmet.com  




Our Mobile Health

Our Mobile Health provides a curated application store focused on mobile health applications, in order to help promote the best of the best applications to end users and healthcare providers. As a result this will make it easier for each of us to find and use digital tools to monitor conditions and help us make healthy choices. It will enable the good application providers with solid health interventions and engaging user experiences to stand out above the estimated 97,000 health apps currently available, and enable healthcare providers to deliver services more effectively and efficiently.


Founder: Julie Bretland julie.bretland@ourmobilehealth.co.uk 





Pizza Rossa 


Pizza Rossa will launch a chain of Italian quick-service street pizzerias in central London. Key in their proposition is centralised production, which allows significant scalability in a number of outlets in prime high-footfall locations. Shops will feature contemporary designs by a leading branding specialist. Pizza Rossa’s initial customers are time-constrained office workers, students and shoppers craving a delicious, quick, easy-to-eat, light and great value for money meal, served by friendly staff in convenient locations. Their delicious pizza will be complemented with superb pasta, soups, pastries, hot drinks and, seasonally, ice-cream. Corrado Accardi leads a strong management team with complementary skills ranging from property development to large-scale food production, marketing, branding and pizza operations management.

Founder: Corrado Accardi corrado@pizzarossa.com




Planned Departure 

Life has extended from the physical to the digital world and almost all our information is stored online. However, this information is lost most of the time in the event of death. Information, which could have been useful for family, friends, colleagues and other groups - just disappears. Death not only affects people who were close to the deceased, but it affects organisations such as financial institutes, utility services and the like, who were serving the deceased users. Planned Departure solves these problems by helping people plan well. It provides a secure electronic vault where users can store their digital assets and assign right beneficiaries. With Planned Departure, the user always remains in control of their digital assets. The user can plan their digital afterlife by leaving instructions to nominated beneficiaries. This eases the pain of loss and makes the lives of people left behind a bit more comfortable by giving them critical information in a timely manner.


Founder: Komal Joshi komal@planneddeparture.com 


powr of you

powr of you revolutionises the online data game. Their vision is to create a marketplace for unified consumer data that benefits all in the data ecosystem. powr of you are creating a unique two-sided analytics platform that helps users benefit from their data, while also helping reveal valuable behavioural trends for marketers. For users, they help bring together their holistic online presence to provide fun and interesting insights while also providing them with the opportunity to monetise their data. For marketers, these insights provide a truly deep understanding of their consumers’ wants, likes and needs. The platform will be a reliable source of authentic up-to-date customer behaviour trends for marketers.


Founders: Keshav Malani keshav@powrofyou.com and Shruti Malani Krishnan shruti@powrofyou.com 



Solidspace Solidspace 

Solidspace is a boutique developer with a unique and registered design concept that makes homes light, spacious and stylish. Their homes are highly environmentally-friendly and their design concept makes the space in their homes so efficient that 90% of people believe that their homes are over 50% larger than they actually are. They put the customer and their needs at the heart of what they do and how they do it and they offer three main services: they help customers custom build their own bespoke Solidspace homes affordably, they retro-fit their unique space-efficient design concept into existing homes and they sell a high-quality and affordable ‘off-the-shelf’ Solidspace home to land owners.


Founder: Gus Zogolovitch gus@solidspace.co.uk 





SunEos develops a revolutionary new system for managing events and social nights. Using a technology similar to that of contactless Oyster cards, we incorporate a touch-pay system into pre-programmed wristbands for specific events, creating a safe and fast payment system tailor-made for our customers’ needs. This new system means guests can instantly receive any pre-determined amount of drinks or food without the need for separate tokens, and can also use the wristbands as a substitute for cash, meaning that all guests can enjoy their night without the constant worry of looking after their wallet. The event organisers also benefit from analytics on sales and consumption. With all these features and many more available and custom-made for each event, SunEos really is the future of the UK’s student social scene. Co-Founders Alexis Garavel and Henry de Bennetot have a passion for technology and entrepreneurship. Their business idea was influenced by several experiences with cashless systems in Asia and the willingness to bring innovation in the entertainment industry. SunEos’ vision is to reinvent the social event experience and promote a cashless environment. Our motto: “Just tag along and forget cash”. 


Founders: Alexis Garavel alexis.garavel@gmail.com and Henry de Bennetot h.debennetot@gmail.com