In 2012 – 2013, seven enterprises won a Deloitte Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Founder Award. 



Esin Akan

Esin Akan is an affordable luxury handbag brand designed particularly to meet the needs of busy working women that look for quality, design and practicality at reasonable prices. Esin Akan bags are made with the highest quality materials, leather and accessories and meet our clients’ needs with functionality features. Esin Akan sources everything from reputable producers in Europe who work for top luxury brands. Esin Akan and Dilek Akca, co-founders have a passion for fashion and entrepreneurship. They expanded the team with very talented designers who graduated from top fashion design schools in the world such as Istituto Marangoni in Italy and LCF in London. Esin Akan London’s vision is to support young designers and women entrepreneurs to start their own companies, spread the wealth and goodwill across countries and people.


Founders: Esin Akan




LocalPay is a payment gateway that allows ecommerce merchants to accept cash payments for their online sales. LocalPay plans to launch its payment gateway in markets starting with India that have experienced a rapid ecommerce growth but are still cash intensive economies.


Founder: Ravi Singh




Neurologic Medical Solutions 

NeuroLogic Medical Solutions designs and commercialises medical devices used in neurosurgery. It focuses on surgical tools that meet the needs of surgeons during operation. NeuroLogic Medical Solutions focuses on bringing new and innovative medical technologies from idea to implementation. Our devices treat conditions in the field of neurosurgery, and aim to increase patients’ quality of life.


Founder: Justin Waghray




PlayEnable is an online aggregating hub for sports enthusiasts (i.e. customers) to find and book classes and memberships at sports facilities and gyms. PlayEnable aggregates relevant sports facilities across multiple sports and geographies making it easy for sports/fitness enthusiasts to choose and book directly via the online platform. PlayEnable currently has a fully functional web based booking platform and has approximately 65 fitness studios in its network in the Bay Area, US and London catering to a range of fitness activities from Yoga to Kickboxing.


Founder: Abhishek Garodia





Shivspix was born out of the realization (and admiration) that there are many great untold stories in sport. Everyday amazing athletes push themselves to the limits, achieving amazing feats in the process. And yet, for the most part we never hear their stories because most are not professional athletes with lucrative endorsements and their faces on magazine covers. Shivspix tells these untold stories through ebooks delivered on line to sports fans across the world.


Founder: Shivani Parmar



Skin Analytics 


Skin Analytics is developing a cloud-based service to help people monitor themselves for small changes in their moles. Changes in moles are the most significant indicator of melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. Users take photos over time of their skin using their existing smartphone or digital camera. Images are automatically analysed using advanced mathematics techniques to classify unique characteristics, which relate to key features such as asymmetry, border, colour and size. Skin Analytics will automatically warn the user of any changes detected and produce a report that can be shared with an appropriate medical professional.


Founders: Julian Hall and Neil Daly