The Accomplished Entrepreneur Awards, established in 2010, recognise and celebrate alumni who have created successful entrepreneurial value.

The School is often unaware of the businesses that alumni have created five or ten years down the line – these awards aim to recognise those alumni building remarkable businesses. It’s these people whose experience of starting up can inspire current students, and show them what is possible. Building a thriving business throws up enormous challenges, and current students can learn from those who have tackled the obstacles and stuck with it.
Last but not least the award is a way of showing that the School’s entrepreneurship programmes have real-world impact, and that what you learn in your time at the School can be applied to your future entrepreneurial goals.

The two awards include:

  • Early-stage ventures: these are ventures that have been in existence for approximately five years – long enough to have perfected a product, developed a robust business model and are on the cusp of rapid growth. 
  • Later-stage ventures – ventures that have been operating for around a decade, by which time they will be well into growth and on their way to becoming ‘established’ (perhaps with an exit in sight). 

The awards will be judged by a committee of previous award winners, current students, members of the organising committee, and one or two members both of Faculty and of Enterprise 100, the School’s angel investor network, which sponsors the award. The judging criteria includes the venture’s sales and profit levels, proven ability to raise capital, record in creating employment and the inventiveness of its business model.

The winner is immortalised with a plaque in the Alumni Centre in the Taunton Building.

Read more about the 2019 winner here.

Accomplished Entrepreneur Winners



Franz Thomas Fuerst MBA 1996: WebID solutions GMBH

WebID is the initiator of a fully AML-compliant video identification and is now positioning itself to become one of the premier players in the global identity management space. They provide seamless online processes for identification and signature anytime, anywhere, from any device. WebID has created a brand new space with AML-compliant video identification, receiving approval from the German Federal Ministry of Finance as the first company ever. WebID was also the creator of the first signature service based on the Qualified Electronic Signature as defined by the eIDAS regulation, enabling a real-time online lending process for the first time in Central Europe.

Saurav Chopra MBA 2004: Perkbox

Perkbox is a cloud-based employee perks and engagement platform serving business of all sizes. Perkbox believes that happy and engaged employees perform better and stick around for longer. To that end, they’ve created a platform that rewards and recognises employees to help build happier, more productive company cultures.



Benjamin Cardoso MiM 2011: LeCab

Ben started LeCab after realising that the law prohibiting minicabs in France had recently been lifted. He started the service in Paris and quickly gained traction, overcoming resistance from incumbents and competing alongside Uber before receiving substantial backing from SNCF and expanding into 23 French cities. LeCab is now the largest minicab business in France, built on the principle of enabling an alternative to taxis and personal cars and using technology to create a service that people love to use: comfortable, reliable and affordable.

Nuno Sebastiao SEMBA2009: Feedzai

Nuno co-founded FeedZai, a real-time fraud detection service for commerce. Feedzai codes the future of commerce with today’s most advanced risk management platform powered by big data and artificial intelligence. Founded and developed by data scientists and aerospace engineers, Feedzai has one mission: make commerce safe. The world’s largest banks, payment providers and retailers use Feedzai’s machine learning technology to manage risks associated with banking and shopping, whether digitally or in person.


Brynne Herbert MBA2012: MOVE Guides

Brynne created her company to fix a personal frustration. Prior to enrolling at LBS she had been an investment banker who had moved between India, New York and California, each time finding the move horrendously frustrating – time consuming, stressful and a giant hassle. She knew that there had to be a better way and set out to find one and Move Guide was born. MOVE Guides delivers a full global mobility program making use of their proprietary, leading mobility platform combined with complete support for companies and their mobile employees.

Charles Gould JEMBA2006: Brightwave

Charles started his business well before coming to LBS. He was a management consultant at PWC in London and decided he’d like to strike out on his own – as he felt he would be far happier working for himself than others. At PWC he had been involved in a number of contracts to develop e-learning management platforms for major companies – something that was very new at the time. Seeing the opportunity and eschewing the pleadings of PWC he decided to quit and give it a go. And so Brightwave was born in his family home in Brighton. 


Stephen Finch MBA2005: Vagabond Wines

Whilst at London Business School, Stephen fantasised about creating an entirely concept in wine that allowed people to find and try interesting wines before they bought them in a way that was fun and easy. In June 2008, Vagabond Wines was born. There is now a third site at Spitalfields in the works.  

Gaurav Mehta MBA2010 : Dharma Life

Guarav left his job in Private Equity in 2008 to reorient himself after a serious illness. An idea took shape, and whilst on his MBA Guarav created a partnership with Prantham – an organisation in India that tackled illiteracy – whereby the people who they taught to read would have the opportunity to receive further business training and set themselves up as entrepreneurs, selling the products supplied by Guarav’s company. Turnover last year was €1M and is likely to be €3M this year. 


Ismail Ahmed DLEMBA2010: WorldRemit
Chitra Stern MBA2000: Martinhal Beach Resort & Hotel


Dr Thom Van Every MBA2002: DrThom
Brandon Stephens MBA2005: Tortilla Mexican Grill


Simon Schneider MBA2007 and Janeen Chupa-Brimacombe MBA2007: OmniCompete
Mark Dickinson MiFPT1998: Encore International


Saleem Arif MBA2005: QualitySolicitors
Chris Havemann MBA1999: Research Now


Ian Zilberkweit MiFPT2000: NX Bakery Group
Anil Ohri SEMBA1999: Regent's Park Healthcare


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