07 Feb 2013

John Mullins

Correia and Bocchi were content with the success of SubwayLink. Now the opportunity of corporate TV beckoned.

Reinvention when the stakes are high_482x271

It was a sunny October morning in São Paolo in 2004, and Arnold Correia was in a quandary. SubWay Link, the company he had built over more than a decade, had yet another opportunity to dramatically change the nature of its business. This in itself was not a cause for great concern, as Correia had already reinvented the business once before.

This time, however, the stakes were far higher, as he now had something more significant to lose. And to make the decision even more difficult, neither he nor his growing team knew very much – if anything at all – about satellite transmission technology, which would lie at the heart of the business if he proceeded. With a promise he had made to his wife ringing in his ears, Correia wondered what to do. Should he pursue the opportunity in corporate TV, or not? And if so, how?

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