What challenges do you face when starting up a new app?

11 Mar 2015

Gabriel Nadel MBA2016 and William Navarre co-founded Rudder, a social networking app designed to make group decisions easier, in 2014.

Business Today: How has your background shaped your career trajectory?

Gabriel Nadel: After I graduated from college, I worked in investment banking for two years, then I went to private equity for three years. For me, starting Rudder was greatly influenced by timing. I left my job about a year ago and had a bunch of time off before I started at London Business School. With that timing, I thought why not; I have this idea, and I think it’s a good one. That’s what brought me to creating Rudder.

Business Today: What is the most significant challenge you have faced in the startup process?

Gabriel Nadel: We think that one of the easiest mistakes to make is being overly product-focused. I would never underestimate the product itself, because in the end that’s what you’re selling. The hard part is getting it into the hands of a lot of users and getting their feedback. The low barriers for entry for apps and other web platforms at this point make visibility and discoverability really difficult. For me, the most significant challenge is how to get this product that we’ve built and thought so much about into the hands of the best users.