My Baba talks to the founders behind LBS startup MORI

15 Apr 2015

MyBaba interviews the MORI boys behind the mail order baby box, inspired by the government run Finnish Baby Box, a gift of baby essentials sent to each newborn.

Tell us a bit about the story of how the three of you met, and came together to launch MORI.

Akin: Chip (John Charles) and I met years ago through a global network of friends. Cam and I met at J.P. Morgan about four years ago. We were both investment bankers at the time and also working through our MBA degrees at London Business School and Wharton.

Chip: Over a year and a half ago, we were trying to buy something meaningful for my godson Oliver in Soho, New York. Not knowing what a two year old would actually need, the immediate thought was to go with a fancy cute shirt. Seeing the $140 price tag on this tiny shirt and knowing that he might not even wear it once showed the important gap between the need and the reality. That’s when the idea of MORI was born.

Cam: In bringing the idea of MORI to fruition the three of us quickly found that despite having very different geographical and professional backgrounds we have complementary skill sets. More importantly, we share similar values and aspirations, which make us a good team.

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