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Upcoming Institute events

The Institute promotes and organises a range of events and conferences throughout the year. These events support the Institute’s mission to provide thought leadership, evidence-based guidance and insights to those starting new enterprises, and to stimulate entrepreneurial thinking within existing businesses and regions.


Award Programmes

  • Founder Awards

    When: 15 November 2018

    Open to: LBS alumni, students and the LBS entrepreneurship community (annual event, by invitation only)

    The annual IIE Founder Awards recognise and celebrate promising entrepreneurs graduating from London Business School who have been selected to be part of the new Incubator cohort. Read more about the winners here.


  • Entrepreneur's Journey Event Series

    Open to: LBS students

    A series of 16 events hosted by Career Centre, taking place throughout the year in London and 4 events in Dubai. These events take students with entrepreneurial ambitions through various stages of the journey. They include sessions about IP, accounting, market research, marketing and funding.

Supported Student Events

Many of our students choose London Business School because of its longstanding reputation for fostering innovation and entrepreneurial activity.

Once here, we encourage them and their peers to use the LBS network to organise and lead a wide range of events that attract top calibre speakers and panellists. Our events deliver thought-leading practitioners and cover the key business and political themes that resonate with today’s entrepreneurs and corporate leaders.

The Institute is involved in most entrepreneurship initiatives at LBS, working with student bodies, to help launch and provide support to great entrepreneurship initiatives such as the below.

Students can contact us if planning a new initiative and require support.

  • HealthTech Challenge

    When: 09 May 2018

    Open to: Students, final event open to all

    A business idea competition created to help students turn their healthtech ideas into reality.Hosted by the Healthcare Club of London Business School and the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at London Business School the competition runs every year and offers mentorship, training, and the Dhruv Batra Prize of £10,000 to the winning team.

  • MIINT Competition

    Teams of students carry out due diligence on a social enterprise and present their findings to impact investors.

  • CleanTech Challenge

    When: 31 January - 27 April

    A business plan competition that helps teams of students develop their clean technology venture ideas.

  • Venture Capital Investment Competition

    Open to: Students

    Teams of students acting as venture capitalists, structuring investments in high potential ventures are judged by real VCs.

  • Launchpad

    Open to: Students

    Students develop their new venture ideas, with expert help, over the course of a term.

  • TELL Series - Talks on Entrepreneurial Leadership

    Open to: All

    London Business School students created the TELL Series in 2009 to put the spotlight on entrepreneurship in Europe. The TELL Series showcases successful entrepreneurs’ personal stories of building high-growth businesses.

Would you like to attend our events?

We welcome the LBS community (Staff, students and alumni) to attend some of these award programmes if there is a direct connection and if there are available places. Please submit your interest by contacting us mentioning which event you’d be interested in attending and why. You will be notified close to the event date if your application has been successful.

Supported Events

  • The New Mobility: Opportunities and Challenges

    When: 17 November 2018

    Sanjo Kaikan Building, U. of Tokyo

    The transformation of the mobility sector – encompassing the automotive sector, new entrants from the technology sector and the providers of mobility services – has captured the attention of established incumbents, aspiring entrepreneurs, analysts/consultants, policy makers and activists. Mobility of individuals and goods underpins a key part of global GDP. We focus on the disruptive aspects captured by industry acronym CASE, i.e., vehicles that are Connected, Autonomous, Shared, and Electric. These potential disruptions affect more than the industries directly providing mobility products and services. In this one-day conference, we provide varied perspectives from both academic researchers and business practitioners on the opportunities and challenges of “the new mobility”, focusing on the Japanese context.

    Past events 

  • 2018

    Institute Events

    • Real Innovation Awards

      When: 01 November 2018 (Annual event, by invitation only)

      Open to: Real Innovation Award shortlist, LBS community (annual event, by invitation only)

      An award scheme designed to showcase the authentic, haphazard and exciting business of real innovation and to identify and celebrate those people and organisations who exemplify the way it really works. Find out who the previous winners were and how to nominate.

    • Ask an Entrepreneur Series: Cash is King – How to be on the money

      When: 02 October 2018

      Open to: The Guild of Entrepreneurs, LBS students and alumni

      Hosted by The Guild of Entrepreneur members Barnaby Wynter from The Brand Bucket Company and John Davies from Just Cash Flow, the event will be covering start-up funding, growth funding, how to get more from cash in your business and all the great lessons of how to use cash flow in your business.


    • What Can Machines Learn, and What Does It Mean for Occupations and the Economy
      When: 04 September 2018
      Open to: Faculty and PhD students
      A seminar with Erik Brynjolfsson, Director of the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy, Schussel Family Professor at the MIT Sloan School, and Research Associate at NBER.

    • Accomplished Entrepreneurs Awards

      When: 31 May 2018 (Annual event, by invitation only)

      Open to: LBS alumni, students and the LBS entrepreneurship community (annual event, by invitation only)

      A celebration of our accomplished entrepreneurs – LBS Alumni who have created and built successful enterprises. These awards aim to recognise the LBS alumni building remarkable businesses.

    • Ask an Entrepreneur Series: Sales, Relationships and Growth
      When: 29 May 2018
      Open to: The Guild of Entrepreneurs, students and alumni
      Hosted in partnership with The Guild of Entrepreneurs this event was run by entrepreneur Rick Lowe who shares his experiences and strategies for revolutionising your approach to sales and also demonstrate how to build highly profitable relationships.


    • Ditchley Academic Symposium

      When: 7–8 March 2018

      Open to: Academic (by invitation only)

      A one-day Research Symposium in March, with a mix of internal and external faculty coming together to present their research in the broad area of innovation. Please see agenda here.

    • Ask an Entrepreneur Series: How to Build a Powerful Brand

      When: 27 February 2018

      Open to: The Guild of Entrepreneur and guest, students from LBS and KCL

      The Institute hosted in partnership with the The Guild of Entrepreneurs a workshop with a difference. Over an hour packed full of advice, tips and tricks from a disruptive marketing led entrepreneur Barnaby Wynter from The Brand Bucket Company , in direct response to the challenges of a variety of early-stage ventures.

    • Beginner’s Guide to the Schools’ Research Centres and Institutes

      When: 20 February 2018

      Open to: Staff (by invitation only)

      An introduction into the research centres and institutes residing within London Business School, hosted by Dean François Ortalo-Magné.

    Supported student events

    • Hackathon

      When: 9-11 February 2018

      Open to: All

      Teams of aspiring entrepreneurs spend 48 hours working to build and test their minimum viable products. See this year’s highlights on Twitter @LBSHackathon

  • 2017

    Institute Events

    Institute Supported Events

    • Reshaping Vehicle and Mobility Ecosystems: Mapping the terrain for strategists, regulators and academics

      When: 14-15 November 2017

      Open to: Academics and practitioners (By Invitation only)

      The transformation of the mobility sector has captured the attention of established incumbents, aspiring entrepreneurs, analysts/consultants, policy makers and activists. The automotive sector is going through a period of rapid and drastic change. The confluence of new technologies (autonomous driving, electric cars, connectivity within and across vehicles and with the cloud), new business models (usage-based “mobility-as-a-service” as opposed to leasing and full ownership), and the evolution of societal needs has caused considerable ferment and excitement for mobility “ecosystems”. This workshop has brought together an international set of participants with a wide range of perspectives. Read the full agenda and see presentations here.

    Supported Student Events

    • HealthTech Challenge

      When: 25 May 2017

      A business idea competition created to help students turn their healthtech ideas into reality.Hosted by the Healthcare Club of London Business School and the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at London Business School the competition runs every year and offers mentorship, training, and the Dhruv Batra Prize of £10,000 to the winning team.

    • MIINT Competition

      Teams of students carry out due diligence on a social enterprise and present their findings to impact investors.

    • CleanTech Challenge

      When: April 2017

      The CleanTech Challenge is a global business plan competition for innovative clean tech ideas organised by London Business School and University College London.It brings together students to create financially viable start-ups that are technologically innovative and will benefit the environment.

    • Venture Capital Investment Competition
  • 2016

    Institute Events

    • Team GB Going for Gold: On and Off the Field of Play with Bill Sweeney

      When: 22 November 2016

      Team GB won more medals in Rio than any previous Olympics in the modern era. As head of the team that supported the athletes before and during the Olympics, Bill Sweeney will talk about the secrets of their success – from the branding and sponsorship deals, through four years of careful preparation, to the leadership of an 800-person team in Rio during the Olympics.

    • Digital Transformation in Practice in collaboration with Deloitte

      When: 3 November 2016

      The launch of our joint London Business School and Deloitte study, quantifying and exploring the positive correlation between a company’s productivity and its digital ways-of-working. Using UK mobile banking as an industry setting, we discuss how established firms are embracing the challenge of digital transformation, and in particular how they are employing new digital ways of working to increase their productivity and agility. View related article and report here.

    • This House Believes That Entrepreneurship Can't Be Taught

      When: 18 May 2016

      A debate hosted jointly by the Deloitte Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and the London Entrepreneurship Review.

    • Inventing the 21st Century Tech Company with Glory Zhang, CMO, Huawei Consumer BG

      When: 04 April 2016

      Huawei has come out of nowhere to become one of the world’s leading consumer tech companies (#3 worldwide in smartphones). How is it possible that a Chinese company with no prior consumer product experience could build a $20 Billion business in 5 years?

    • Guild of Entrepreneurs’ event

      When: 21 June 2016

    Supported Events

    • Global Action on Poverty

      When: 20-23 February 2016

      An event hosted at the Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad, India led by Rajesh Chandy. As part of the Transforming Lives initiative, this event brought 350 leaders from NGOs, businesses, government, and academia to discuss and implement actions on alleviating poverty.

    Supported Student Events

  • 2015
    • Driving Innovation in Healthcare Delivery

      When: 20 October 2015

      Open to: Healthcare practitioners

      A symposium for those leading change in healthcare service delivery. There are many good examples of promising healthcare delivery innovations but far fewer instances in which they have been successfully and widely adopted. This exclusive one-day event will focus on the role of innovation in healthcare delivery and will highlight examples of value-enhancing innovations from around the world, that have had a transformative impact on complex healthcare systems - and others that have not.

      Led by Kamalini Ramdas, Professor of Management Science and Operations and Deloitte Chair in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at London Business School; the event draws on the expertise of a diverse group of international speakers from the worlds of business, medical science, government and academia.

    • View programme here and speakers here.

    • Transforming lives campaign

      Lifting people out of poverty is the aim behind our transforming lives campaign, which was launched to help people with incredible ideas turn their business dreams into reality. The Transforming lives through entrepreneurship campaign uses London Business School research to support Indian agricultural workers, improve healthcare supply chains and provide business training to micro-entrepreneurs in South Africa.

      Helping India's agricultural markets: Investing in market efficiencies, raising the prospects of India's farmers

      Choosing to grow something that is perishable is risky. Having better price information can reduce the risk.

      Improving anti-malarial supply and saving lives

      Research in action: Streamlining the Supply of Malaria Drugs in Zambia.

      Educating South Africa’s micro-entrepreneurs, investing in livelihoods

      Professor Rajesh Chandy examined how training could support micro-entrepreneurs and help their businesses to prosper.

  • Relevant past events

    Supported student events

    • TEDX
    • The Institute was a co-founding sponsor for the first London Business School student organised TEDx conferences in the UK back in 2012.

      TED is a global phenomenon devoted to ideas that are worth spreading. Linked to this is TEDx, a network of local, self-organised events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience.

      These conferences give inspired thinkers and thought leaders – including faculty and students – a platform to share their big ideas. Take Nirmalaya Kumar, Visiting Professor of Marketing, who spoke at TEDx 2013 about how India had become a global hub for innovation. The video of his talk has since been viewed over 900,000 times.

      The School’s event, TEDxLondonBusinessSchool, is entirely organised by students from London Business School and aims to be a platform for debating and discussing a range of issues. The audience comprises professionals from across London, as well as students and faculty. Join us and be inspired!

      For further information visit the main TEDx page. If you wish to get involved contact Jeff Skinner.