In many sectors of the economy, from e-commerce to hospitality to medical care, competitive success is all about offering a superior service.  So it’s important to give innovation in services the same attention it receives in products or technology. 

We aim to transform one or more aspects of how a service is delivered, based on robust research and practical testing. We believe services can be redesigned in ways that create value for both providers and customers.

We bring fresh insights as a business school because we apply insights gained from research into organisations as diverse as banks and retailers to services ranging from healthcare to information services.  We identify what it is that firms do well, research why this is and then look at how we might scale it up. 

Services are all about interactions between people. Achieving change in the business models behind them is less straightforward than pitching a new product.  So we have to drive improvement through persuasion: we have to catalyse large-scale adoption.

We believe we are uniquely-placed to succeed in all three stages and so fulfil our ambition to have a profound impact. Our Faculty are recognised leaders in their fields. Our reach spans continents through their international collaborations and also through our engaged, global network of LBS alumni.  

We have already identified a wide range of high-value-adding business models and a rich, diverse set of live cases. We share our knowledge and recommendations with practitioners and policy-makers all over the world.

Improving anti-malarial supply, saving lives

Jérémie Gallien

Research in action: Streamlining the Supply of Malaria Drugs in Zambia

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