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When it comes to executive pay, what matters more: how fat the sum or how ethical the scheme?

Excessive bonuses, uneven wealth distribution and performance-sapping incentives were some of the contentious issues debated by experts at this Centre for Corporate Governance (CCG) event.

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Why have executive pay practices created such public concern and led many institutional investors, professional bodies and commentators to voice their unease?

The discussion kicked off with a retrospective look at the driving forces behind increasing executive pay. The debate addressed:

  • How pay and performance are linked and whether current practices lead to short-termism
  • Whether the sheer quantum of pay undermines corporate legitimacy
  • The role of shareholders and whether they provide sufficient scrutiny
  • The reforms needed to create a robust, fair system.

Speaker biographies

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This event brought together rigorous academic evidence with practitioner insights from a wide range of perspectives, including:


  • Paul Coombes, Chairman, CCG
  • Alex Edmans, Professor of Finance, London Business School
  • Paul Myners, CBE, Partner and Chairman, Cevian Capital AB
  • Tom Gosling, Partner, PwC
  • Dame DeAnne Julius, DCMG, CBE, Chair, University College London

Faculty insights on executive pay:

About Alex Edmans

Alex Edmans is a Professor of Finance at London Business School.

He teaches on the following programmes:

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