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Executive Education short courses

  • Corporate Finance Programmes

    Master a wide range of corporate finance tools to confidently deal with the increasingly complex financial challenges you and your organisation face. Our Corporate Finance Programmes are designed for professionals at any career stage.

  • Masterclass in Private Equity

    Explore all the stages of private equity, from initial consideration through to financing and exit. You cover everything from operation and strategy to financing and economic analysis of incentives. Gain a deeper understanding of the inter-connectivity between functions and meet some of the leading names in private equity. Designed for professionals at any stage of their career.


    Learn more about the Masterclass in Private Equity programme.

  • Project Infrastructure and Finance

    Project finance is increasingly recognised as a catalyst for economic growth. Develop the techniques and principles to value, forecast and structure large-scale infrastructure projects. Gain a framework for understanding the ways in which project finance can mitigate risks and provide incentives, and assess the limitations of these structures. Designed for professionals at any career stage.


    Learn more about the Project and Infrastructure Finance programme.

  • Strategic Investment Management

    Gain a strategic understanding of investment management. Enhance your returns and reduce risk by cementing your knowledge through practical exercises and real-world simulations. Designed for professionals at any career stage. 


    Learn more about the Strategic Investment Management programme.


What is the Equity Portfolio programme?

Watch Professor Narayan Naik as he explains the Equity Portfolio Management programme.


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