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Through acquisition of vital data sets, the Institute is pleased to fund data purchases in support of PhD research projects.

Recipients include:

  • Bo Bian (Finance)
  • - The Reallocation Channel: Globally-Consistent Creditor Protection and Real Economic Outcomes

  • Ramona Dagostino (Finance)
  • - The Story of a Bond: Shifting Patterns in the U.S. Municipal Market

    - The Impact of Bank Financing on Municipalities’ Bond Issuance and the Real Economy

  • Anton Lines (Finance)
  • - Alpha decay and strategic trading

These papers explore the reshaping of the U.S. municipal market and in particular the role played by banks in affecting local governments’ access to finance.

  • Ryan Lewis & Anton Lines (Finance)
  • - Information, Attention, Trading, and Asset Prices

  • Arkodipta Sarkar (Finance)
  • - Institutional Quality, Investment and Real Impact

  • Ishita Sen (Finance)
  • - Pricing Corporate Bonds: An Institutional Approach

    - Limits to Optimal Hedging

London Business School professor awarded research grant

03 Jun 2015

Alex Edmans receives €900,000 research funding grant.

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