Ground-breaking research of the highest quality in the field of asset management

The research effort leverages the full range of London Business School’s capabilities.

In doing so, it brings together areas of business, economics, accounting, and finance relevant to both the investment challenge and the broader issues faced by the investment business.

The research agenda is led by the Institute Academic Directors:


The Institute brings together both academic theory and real-world practice with research topics directly relating to industry practitioners all around the world. We examine the operating landscape for asset management industry participants, the latest trends, current challenges and the future of the asset management industry. 


Anticipated research topics include:

  • Pros and cons of active management across asset classes. 
  • Challenges faced by financial institutions in portfolio construction. 
  • Hedging, insurance, and risk management. 
  • The increase in longevity and its implications for households, retirement savings and life-cycle finance. 
  • Future opportunities in light of new regulatory and economic policies. 
  • Asset management in a global financial context – the importance of cross-border capital flows and portfolio shifts.

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