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The Institute offers unrivalled forums and networking opportunities for the sharing of ideas and the debate of critical investment issues, convening leading professionals and outstanding academics from investment management including policy makers, regulators, academics and practitioners.

Award programmes


  • AQR Fellowship Award
    6 November 2018
    Recognising talented LBS PhD student(s) demonstrating academic excellence, intellectual rigour and innovation.
    Presented at the annual Insight Summit conference.
  • AQR Young Researcher Award
    20 March 2019
    Recognising talented young researchers worldwide.
    Presented at the Academic Symposium, annual academic conference of the AQR Institute.
  • AQR Scholar Award
    July 2019
    Recognising outstanding students graduating from LBS Masters programmes demonstrating academic excellence.
    Presented during Congregation week.

Upcoming events


  • AQR Institute: Insight Summit
    6 November 2018
    Flagship conference of the AQR Institute on the theme of behavioural finance, featuring Nobel laureate Robert Shiller.



  • Sponsored event: Women in Finance
    6 March 2019
    Recognising talented young researchers worldwide.
    In collaboration with degree programmes and the LBS Women in Business Club. 

Supported student events

At LBS, we encourage students to use the School's network to organise a wide range of events that attract top calibre speakers.

The Institute is involved in most investment-related initiatives at LBS, working with student bodies, to help launch and provide support to great events and activities. For information on current and past student-led activities we have supported, click here.

Students are welcome to contact us if planning an event or new initiative requiring support.

Interested in attending our events?

We welcome the LBS community (staff, students and alumni) to attend some of our events if there is a direct connection and if there are available places. Please submit your interest by contacting us, mentioning which event you’d be interested in attending and why. You will be notified close to the event date if your application has been successful.

Past events 

  • 2018
    • Speaker event: Business and development in Greece
      27 June 2018
      In partnership with the Wheeler Institute for Business and Development, the AQR Institute is pleased to welcome H.E. Alexis Tsipras, Prime Minister of the Hellenic Republic.
    • AQR Institute: Growing the Impact Investment opportunity in the UK
      12 June 2018
    • AQR Institute: Central Banking in Turbulent Times 
      2 May 2018
      Event exploring what the future of central banking will look like with LBS alumnus Francesco Papadia, Hellenic Financial Stability Fund (HFSF) and former Director General for Market Operations at the ECB.
    • Finance@Work: Investment Management and Analysis
      9 May 2018
      Event led by MiF Programme Office.
    • AQR Institute: Central Banking in Turbulent Times
      2 May 2018
      Event exploring what the future of central banking will look like with LBS alumnus Francesco Papadia, Hellenic Financial Stability Fund (HFSF).
    • Finance@Work: Quantitative Finance
      11 May 2018
      Joint event with MiF Programme Office and IMC Quant Group.
    • Finance@Work: Investment Management and Analysis
      16 May 2018
      Event led by MiF Programme Office.
    • Sponsored event: Career Centre Buy Side Networking Evening
      15 March 2018
      Bringing together students, alumni and recruiters in the investment management industry.
    • Sponsored seminar: TechFin in China - Credit Market Completion and its Growth Effect 
      19 March 2018
      Joint event with the Economics department featuring Yi Huang, Graduate Institute Geneva.
    • AQR Institute: Academic Symposium
      22 March 2018
      Included presentation of the second AQR Young Researcher Award.
    • Sponsored event: Adam Smith Workshops 2018
      22-23 March 2018
      LBS was pleased to host this year’s conference. Learn more here and download the agenda.
  • 2017
  • 2016
    • Joint event: How imminent is the real FinTech revolution?
      7 March 2016
      This conference in collaboration with the LBS Centre for Corporate Governance and the Bank of England will explore the pace at which the financial sector will be transformed by disruptive technologies and relevant regulatory and policy responses.
    • AQR Institute: Perspectives
      27 April 2016
      Liquidity Policy and Practice

      This event explored the impact of market liquidity on investors and policymakers.

    • Financial Innovations in Healthcare Conference
      18 May 2016
      This conference explored how financial innovation can play a role in stimulating breakthroughs in medical science by engaging broader capital markets to reduce risk and increase investment in R&D.
    • Sponsored event: Fintech Insights Weekend
      24-26 June 2016
      This Masters in Finance event considered the outlook and landscape of the Fintech Industry in the UK and explore how the financial sector is being transformed by disruptive technologies.
    • AQR Institute: Brexit and the Global Economy
      18 July 2016
      Webcast exploring the impact of Brexit on exchange rates, capital flows, monetary policy and foreign direct investment.
    • Sponsored event: “International Asset Allocation and Management” London Executive Program
      19 September 2016
      Executive Education joint event with Shanghai Lujiazui Financial City.
    • Finance@Work: Investment Management and Analysis
      28 September 2016
      This event focused on today’s investment challenges.
    • Sponsored seminar: The Cost of Capital of the Financial Sector
      31 October 2016
      Joint event with the Economics and Finance departments featuring Tobias Adrian, NY Fed.
    • AQR Institute: Insight Summit
      2 November 2016
      Flagship conference of the AQR Institute focusing on Alternative Investing and the Regulatory environment.
    • Sponsored event: 3rd conference on Syndicated Loans
      19-20 December
      Hosted by the European Financial Intermediation Theory (EuroFIT) Network promoting research in financial intermediation theory.
  • 2015