"LBS culture puts particular emphasis on relevance & innovation."

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Omer Saritac

PhD in Management Studies and Operations

What is your doctoral research about?

I work on improving pricing and matching systems on two-sided matching platforms such as ridesharing and accommodation platforms, to enhance social welfare and profitability in a balanced manner.

Could you tell us more about an exciting project you worked on?

It's been an exciting challenge for me to have spent the last two years thinking about alternative pricing schemes for the gig economy. There is public concern that platforms tightly control pricing at the expense of the welfare of their workers and customers. Motivated by this, I have studied the consequences of empowering workers in their pricing decisions, both from a theoretical perspective and through a partnership with a platform. Our research suggests that in relatively less time-sensitive markets like freight and accommodation, allowing workers to set their own prices can be beneficial. It can protect social welfare from platforms that might prioritize profit over customer or worker satisfaction.

What have you enjoyed the most in your LBS experience?

I have enjoyed that LBS culture puts particular emphasis on relevance and innovation, which creates more opportunities for impactful work.

Do you have any advice for applicants and prospective Ph.D. students?

I advise them to find relevant and novel research questions rather than just following what other people do.