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How to convince people you have a good idea

Costas Markides

Your big idea isn’t going to sell itself. Here’s how to persuade everyone else that it’s great.

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Think differently: rewire your brain

Cristina Escallón

The science behind decision-making, memory and emotions – and training your brain to make smarter, calmer decisions

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Management: how hard can it be?

Julian Birkinshaw

Nobody sets out to be a horrible boss but getting the best out of people isn’t easy.

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The art of business

Rupert Merson

Business problems benefit from an artistic as well as a scientific perspective, says Rupert Merson

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What to do when you don’t know what to do

David Lewis

Arm yourself with the tools to tackle uncertainty

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Breaking the Middle East's reliance on oil

Marcus Alexander and Adam Kingl

What should governments in the Gulf region do to diversify away from oil?

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Too busy to innovate?

Kathy Brewis

Why is it so hard to persuade people in the developing world to adopt life-enhancing innovations?

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Muhammad Yunus on the value of thinking opposite

Muhammed Yunus

The Nobel Peace Prize laureate shares how a reverse mindset can bring value to your life

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Sir Alex Ferguson and Paul McGinley

Rob Morris

Sir Alex Ferguson and Paul McGinley on moulding different personalities into a cohesive, winning unit

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The best advice from four leading figures

Anna Johnston

Watch Professor S Randall Peterson talk exclusively to successful people about who inspires them and the great advice they’ve received

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Managers: an endangered species?

Lynda Gratton

Lynda Gratton examines technology’s impact on the traditional managerial role

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What’s wrong with online review platforms?

Nicos Savva

Nicos Savva identifies one way in which online review platforms are flawed.

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Dubsmash: the power of persistence

Kathy Brewis

Dubsmash now a full video messaging app, used by more than 100m people in 78 countries who share 35 videos every second.

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Five lessons for leaders in turbulent times

Dominic Houlder

Tactics to help business leaders handle today’s volatile economic climate

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The man who would be king

Nigel Nicholson

How the new US President came to power and how he’s behaving now he’s in the role illustrate key leadership themes.

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Why private-equity funds outperform their corporate equivalents

Aleksander A. Aleszczyk

How exactly is value created? New research shows the performance of private-equity-owned companies is driven by two major factors

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Predicting winners

Ben Laurance

Are there patterns in the performance of stock market investments? And can they be exploited?

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