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Counting the cost of UK maternity wards

Nicos Savva

Midwives’ decisions can determine the level of care expectant mothers receive

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True grit: saving babies through innovation

Jane Chen

Jane Chen was so determined to save newborn infants’ lives, she moved to India to get her venture off the ground

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So hire me: how diversity of experience adds value

Rajesh Chandy

Expertise has its limits, says Rajesh Chandy. In changing times, companies need to look beyond what they know

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Females Friendly

Selin Kesebir

Women co-operate well in the workplace, say Selin Kesebir. Competition is harmful

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How to stop women leaning out

Raina Brands

Companies that want to attract women to the C-suite need more than good recruitment policies, say Raina Brands and Isabel Fernandez-Mateo

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Lessons in courage – how women make big decisions

Kathleen O’Connor

An ongoing study of women’s careers reveals one big lesson: be fearless

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Gender inequality: where are all the men?

Eliot Sherman

Gender parity is still a way off. But encouraging more men into the debate could help bring it closer

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A new world border: London’s creativity after Brexit

Michaël Bikard

Borders block creativity. What can businesses operating in the UK do to remain at the forefront of innovation?

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How swapping life stories can make you a better leader

Nigel Nicholson

Professor Nigel Nicholson on why executives should explore their own timeline and take interest in other people’s experiences

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Sustainability post-Brexit: the great invisible issue

Ioannis Ioannou

LBS’s Ioannis Ioannou says government and businesses must tackle environmental issues head-on to ensure the UK remains competitive.

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Great Britain or ‘Change Britain’?

Dan Cable

Dan Cable and Richard Jolly take Brexit as a case in point for change

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Brand Britain post-Brexit

Nader Tavassoli

The national brand needs attention, says LBS marketing professor Nader Tavassoli

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How to future-proof your firm

Lynda Gratton

To survive in a rapidly changing world, companies need to attract and retain the most talented people.

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Leading teams: tactics inspired by the Middle East

Randall S Peterson

Randall S Peterson’s ongoing research into leading across cultures reveals leadership and teamwork lessons from the Arab world

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"I think the people of this country have had enough of experts"

Richard Portes

Who needs experts? Richard Portes comes to the defence of an embattled breed

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The UK’s £150 billion prize for gender equality

Anna Johnston

Vivian Hunt, throws light on what business, policymakers and society can do to accelerate gender equality.

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Why best ideas can come from outside the business

Julian Birkinshaw

How Roche discovers new healthcare innovations

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