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Set and shape strategy that works

Want your employees to feel a sense of purpose? Make it plausible, permanent and practical

By Dan Cable

All that information… what exactly should you be doing with it?

By Oded Koenigsberg

Professor Julian Birkinshaw helps you make sense of the opportunities that AI affords you

By Julian Birkinshaw

Technological upheaval and soaring customer expectations are driving businesses to collaborate in new ways to create value

By Michael G Jacobides

What do diverse thinking and psychological safety have to do with strategy execution?

By David Lewis

Once you’ve committed to a business strategy, it’s strangely easy to ignore the warning signs

By Freek Vermeulen

It’s a mistake to simply delegate AI to your digital team. Here’s how you can use it to transform every aspect of your business

By Abhijit Akerkar

Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence can help you increase productivity, improve forecasting and maximise efficiency

By Abhijit Akerkar

By leveraging the potential of artificial intelligence, leaders can manage both strategic risks and undesirable risks such as cyberattack

By Abhijit Akerkar