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The best way to realise success is to embrace failure

Why do individuals, teams and firms fail?

The definition of failure in the Collins English Dictionary is “a lack of success”, yet innovation is often built on trial and error. Disruption is inevitable. Derailment is not. What defines a leader is their ability to make the smart response to setbacks and to adapt to shifting, turbulent times. What’s your gut response to setbacks? Fight inertia with increased self-awareness and learn how to turn risk into opportunity.




LBS faculty rethink leadership


Surviving turbulence: who wins?

Dominic Houlder and Nandu Nandkishore

Who wins and who loses when the business world faces turbulent times?


Going nowhere fast: executive derailment and how to avoid it

Richard Jolly and Randall S Peterson


At least 50% of executives will plateau at some point. But getting stuck in your career doesn’t happen overnight. Learn how to spot the warning signs and stay on track.



Five lessons for leaders in turbulent times

Dominic Houlder and Nandu Nandikshore

Faced with turbulent times you can either retreat to familiarity, or embrace change. The future though belongs to the change makers – the leaders who seize amid the volatility, opportunities for new value creation.



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The difference you can make

Imagine being the best leader you can be. How will you act, think, speak? Close the gap between your imagined self and the person you are today by rethinking your leadership role.

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