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Behind every leader is a great team

Workplace diversity matters. Homogenous teams might feel comfortable, but is comfort good for performance?

Enriching your team with people from different backgrounds and with broad perspectives is critical for results. What collaboration do you need to support the depth, style and pace of teamwork required today? How important are your star performers? Learn how to bust insidious bias and turn human potential into reality.

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Steering a diverse team to success takes skill. Our animation explores how leaders foster ambition and banish fear. Leaders must establish trust in teams so that team members feel they can express their creativity and generate great ideas.


Are you the right kind of narcissist?

Do narcissists make bad team members? Not always. Here, Professor Randall S Peterson explores why it can pay to have one on your team.

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How to lead a high-performing team

Leaders from sectors as varied as fashion, golf, beer and chemicals share their tips on leading successful teams.

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LBS faculty rethink leadership


The dark side of recruitment

Madan Pillutla

Hiring people purely on merit is a noble but challenging pursuit. What are our real motivations when grilling candidates about previous roles, interests and abilities? How do subtle biases that we’re blissfully unaware of, influence who we appoint?

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Leading across cultures: bringing out the best of all worlds

Randall S Peterson

Diverse teams fail when colleagues can’t find a way to collaborate or pool their brainpower. Professor Randall S Peterson explains how leaders can prevent this from happening, and shares his top tips for effective multicultural management.

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Is leading a team of individuals an oxymoron?

Niro Sivanathan

Some people love to be different. Some people like to belong. Others get a kick out of being the best. How do you manage these different individuals in the same team? It starts with a willingness to take a deep introspective look at what it is that makes you tick.

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li_leadership-summit_webLessons in leading diverse teams

Randall S Peterson

Four key principles for leading high performance teams.

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conflict_resolution_webThree ways to get the best out of diverse teams

Randall S Peterson

Teams are a good way of doing business, but it’s easy – and natural – for conflicts to arise within them.

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The difference you can make

Imagine being the best leader you can be. How will you act, think, speak? Close the gap between your imagined self and the person you are today by rethinking your leadership role.

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Charm School

Raina Brands

Your reputation as a charismatic leader could be profoundly affected by the informal advice ties in your team

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