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Imagine being the best leader you can be. How will you act, think, speak?

Close the gap between your imagined self and the person you are today by rethinking your leadership role.

We saw the rise of populism and the loss of faith in institutions in 2016. More than ever, leaders of all levels are needed who can harness diversity and navigate uncertainty.

You can be that kind of leader. Our faculty insights prepare you – and your organisation – for the future. As a strategic leader, you must ask the right questions. To lead high-performing teams you must both value and manage people’s unique contributions. You must be a futurist willing to flex your plan. You must blanket your organisation in trust. You must be a role model – and the best version of yourself.



Leadership Institute

London Business School's Leadership Institute is on a mission: to have a profound impact on the world through supporting the generation and application of path-breaking research on leadership.

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