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“Be yourself – more – with skill” – Rob Goffee

Think courageous. Be courageous. Jules Goddard explains how

By Jules Goddard

Watch Professor S Randall Peterson talk exclusively to leading figures from the world of business and sport

By Randall S Peterson

Self-belief is useful. But it can also be dangerous, says David Lewis

By David Lewis

How Marc Woods overcame bone cancer and amputation to became a record-breaking swimmer and an inspiration to businesses around the globe

By Steve Coomber

Companies should embrace the idea that there’s no shame in trying something new – even if the result is a flop

By Kathy Brewis

Businesses need a commercial culture in which capital is more patient, work is more multiform and entrepreneurship is more mainstream

By Jules Goddard

Being able to step into somebody else’s shoes is an important skill for any leader – including the President of the US, says Gillian Ku

By Gillian Ku

The science behind decision-making, memory and emotions – and training your brain to make smarter, calmer decisions

By Cristina Escallón

The Nobel Peace Prize laureate shares how a reverse mindset can bring value to your life

By Muhammed Yunus