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Wow your customers. Win their loyalty. Wonder at the results

By transforming its relationships with its audience, Wimbledon teaches us lessons about major shifts in marketing

By David Arnold

Mobile isn’t another online channel. Nitish Jain shares insights for key decision-makers on promotions, product search and return policies

By Nitish Jain

What developments can we expect to see in the business landscape over the next 12 months?

What really goes into consumers’ and managers’ decisions – and how can you use this knowledge to strengthen your brand?

By Simona Botti

Which customers generate the most profit for your business and does it pay to put their happiness above all others?

By Vasiliki Kostami

Choice can be bewildering and destructive when handled wrongly. We get picky with Simona Botti

By Simona Botti

The national brand needs attention, says LBS marketing professor Nader Tavassoli

By Nader Tavassoli

Stephen J Anderson’s hands-on approach to marketing research took him from London Business School to the townships of South Africa.

By Kathy Brewis

To be an influential marketer, make sure you know and tackle the big company issues as well as the big customer issues.

By Patrick Barwise