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Ideas to set even the best leaders apart

A pioneering application of Google data sheds light on society’s rules

By Matt Baldwin

We’re more likely to excuse leaders’ false claims if we can imagine a scenario where they might be true – provided they fit with our view

By Daniel Effron

Happy people are curious, continually experiment and play to their strengths

By Dan Cable

Raina Brands shows the value of diverse networks – and the pitfalls of interconnected ones with the same demographic characteristics

By Raina Brands

People in positions of power become cynical about the motives of their colleagues. And that means they think less of themselves

By Ena Inesi

New Year tips for leaders from the Leadership Institute

By Randall S Peterson

Harness these proven habits to transform your business, your community – your life

Richard Jolly shares four techniques to beat burnout

By Richard Jolly

Men and women respond differently to competition. It’s vital your organization knows why, says Selin Kesebir

By Selin Kesebir