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“Innovation is the only insurance against irrelevance” – Gary Hamel

What will the impact of digital technology be on the world of global business?

By Julian Birkinshaw

National strategies for artificial intelligence vary considerably. What are the global implications of different countries’ approaches?

By Abhijit Akerkar

How developing countries can exploit new technologies

By Rajesh Chandy

The machines are coming... but there’s still hope for the rest of us

By Lynda Gratton

Business schools have always been educational pioneers, but new times bring new challenges – so now they must do it all over again

By Charles Handy

How will your company need to evolve to stay ahead?

By Julian Birkinshaw

What Mickey Mouse, the Mad Max movies and the discovery of DNA tell us about being at our most creative

By Pier Vittorio Mannucci

Freezmate’s Tarek Al Emam reflects on an extraordinary innovation journey

By Will Grahame-Clarke