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“Innovation is the only insurance against irrelevance” – Gary Hamel

Mitsuru Izumo kept trying to find a way to produce Euglena on a large scale. Now it’s being used for everything from food to biofuel

By Kathy Brewis

Jeff Weers’ love of baseball may have inspired him to develop a breakthrough in drug delivery but chance also played its part

By Nick Mickshik

Established companies believe that entrepreneurial attitude combined with experience is a recipe for success

By Costas Markides

Your organisation is playing the first game. An innovator attacks you and plays a second. How should you respond? Develop a third

By Costas Markides

Investment in data science can reap great rewards. If it doesn’t yield what you hope for, ask where you’re going wrong

By Nicos Savva

In a few years’ time, the tools you use to do business today will be obsolete. Make the day after tomorrow your business priority, now

By Peter Hinssen

What if you got a chance to hear your own eulogy when you were still alive?

By Dan Cable

Cheyne Tan graduated from London Business School’s MBA programme in 2010

By Cheyne Tan

FabLittleBag’s Martha Silcott shares the highs and lows of getting her invention to market

By Kathy Brewis