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“Innovation is the only insurance against irrelevance” – Gary Hamel

It’s a mistake to simply delegate AI to your digital team. Here’s how you can use it to transform every aspect of your business

By Abhijit Akerkar

By leveraging the potential of artificial intelligence, leaders can manage both strategic risks and undesirable risks such as cyberattack

By Abhijit Akerkar

Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence can help you increase productivity, improve forecasting and maximise efficiency

By Abhijit Akerkar

How Sanjeev Gupta has led Liberty House and the GFG Alliance to reshape the steel industry in the UK and beyond

By Aine Doris

How the man behind the Chinese goliath keeps innovating

By Julian Birkinshaw

The impact of technology may not spell doom for human jobs. We just need to get smarter about how we use IT.

By Daron Acemoglu

With technology radically reshaping the world of work, we need to evolve the social contract. There’s no time to lose, says Michael Davies

By Michael Davies

How four LBS graduates hope to help cut the eight million tonnes of plastic pouring into our oceans every year

By Rob Morris

Find the right story to tell about your new product or service and you’ll generate curiosity, empathy and support

By Julian Birkinshaw