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“Innovation is the only insurance against irrelevance” – Gary Hamel

Innovation efforts tend to focus on economic incentives but new research suggests liberal social policies are just as important

By Kathy Brewis

Using digital tools to deliver effective marketing campaigns based on customers’ individual interests and spending habits

By Julian Birkinshaw

How booking websites are challenging the sector’s long-established players

By Julian Birkinshaw

The tedium of a comfortable salaried existence was the spur that drove Avnish Anand to co-found India’s first online jewellery store

By Nick Mickshik

Nicole Kamra on winning an investment in the MIINT for an innovative healthcare start-up in Pakistan

By Jeff Skinner

Advances in technology will take some of our jobs while creating others. The transition won’t be easy but there’s room for hope

By Andrew Scott

We need to rethink the way we monitor the power of the huge companies now dominating the business landscape

By Julian Birkinshaw

How Vivino's co-founders have achieved global success with an app that gives people instant access to wine reviews

By Rob Morris

Want to get the most of the people who work for you? Here are five things you need to do

By Julian Birkinshaw