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“Innovation is the only insurance against irrelevance” – Gary Hamel

Big organisations should think less about top-down strategy and allow more freedom at the grassroots

By Julian Birkinshaw

The founders of BlaBlaCar were quick to spot the sharing economy trend and launch what looked like a risky startup.

By Kathy Brewis

Michael G Jacobides slices and dices data from the world of banking to reveal where and when innovation yields results

By Michael Jacobides

Flexible work is one of the biggest drivers of the transformation of business models

By Anna Johnston

Anil Sethi shares lessons – and common pitfalls – of becoming a tech entrepreneur.

By Anil Sethi

Dr. Gah-Yi Ban explains that inventory theory combined with Big Data could help address the problem of global waste

By Gah-Yi Ban

Companies should embrace the idea that there’s no shame in trying something new – even if the result is a flop

By Kathy Brewis

Julian Birkinshaw challenges misconceptions about new technology causing major upheaval for established companies

By Julian Birkinshaw

From manufacturing dredging tools for scallop trawlers to cleaning up decommissioned nuclear power stations

By Kathy Brewis