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“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door”

You don’t have to pay homage to Silicon Valley’s mythical creatures to innovate. You need to change the way your firm operates

By Gary Hamel

Successful innovation doesn’t come easy. Here’s some real wisdom from people who know what they’re talking about

By Kathy Brewis

We shine light on just some of the women leading the way in the UK

By Anna Johnston

AI isn’t all sci-fi. Businesses must adopt new technology now to prepare for the future, says Michael Davies

By Michael Davies

Dmitry Shuster explains how Launchpad is helping LBS students develop their start-up ideas

By Dmitry Shuster

Will the US$100 million Alexa Fund succeed where other corporate venture capitals have failed? That depends, says Gary Dushnitsky

By Gary Dushnitsky

Why should the gig economy mark the end of employees? Here’s an alternative approach

By Anna Johnston

The entrepreneurs who choose riskier financing deals for a chance to become super-rich

By Suleyman Basak