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“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door”

LeCab founder and LBS Accomplished Entrepreneur Award winner Ben Cardoso has this advice for would-be entrepreneurs

By Kathy Brewis

Nuno Sebastião on entrepreneurial lessons and tackling fraud with machine learning

By Anna Johnston

Flexible work is one of the biggest drivers of the transformation of business models

By Anna Johnston

If you’re a fledgling entrepreneur, chances are you’ll be seeking venture capital. But there are other sources of money

By John Mullins

Anil Sethi shares lessons – and common pitfalls – of becoming a tech entrepreneur.

By Anil Sethi

Jane Chen was so determined to save newborn infants’ lives, she moved to India to get her venture off the ground

By Jan Chen

What is the basis of competitive advantage in today’s business landscape? Many observers say it is the power to harness information.

By Julian Birkinshaw

MBA student Vishnu Chundi is applying what he learns in the classroom to his fintech startup

By Rob Morris

Dubsmash now a full video messaging app, used by more than 100m people in 78 countries who share 35 videos every second.

By Kathy Brewis

Steve McGuirk’s transformation of the fire service led to cost savings and fewer fires

By Kathy Brewis

Your big idea isn’t going to sell itself. Here’s how to persuade everyone else that it’s great.

By Costas Markides

Why is it so hard to persuade people in the developing world to adopt life-enhancing innovations?

By Kathy Brewis