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Rapid transformation rather than fierce resistance is essential for organisations threatened by giant start-ups, says Peter Hinssen

By Peter Hinssen

US President Donald Trump beat Brexit to the top of the agenda for LBSR readers in 2017

Start here and now if you want that great leadership role

By Herminia Ibarra

Richard Jolly shares four techniques to beat burnout

By Richard Jolly

Business leaders face unprecedented challenges

By Randall S Peterson

The best leaders are clued up on what matters now and take action in three distinct areas

By Randall S Peterson

The late South African president exemplified a level of self-mastery that all business leaders should aspire to, says Nigel Nicholson

By Nigel Nicholson

Valuing non-traditional firms is a technical challenge. Here’s what you need to know

By Christopher Hennessy

Full transparency brings its own dangers. Dan Cable and Julian Birkinshaw explain

By Dan Cable