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London Business School Review

Patrick Koller, CEO of Faurecia, talks driverless cars, company culture and the art of good leadership

By Patrick Koller

Those impressive achievements you’re so proud of? They can come back to bite you

By Ena Inesi

Speaking to Julian Birkinshaw, Mike Bracken shares the challenges of turning a civil service website into an intuitive user experience.

By Julian Birkinshaw

They’re big, old and out of fashion. But don’t write off long-established corporate giants

By Dominic Houlder

Mitsuru Izumo kept trying to find a way to produce Euglena on a large scale. Now it’s being used for everything from food to biofuel

By Kathy Brewis

Jeff Weers’ love of baseball may have inspired him to develop a breakthrough in drug delivery but chance also played its part

By Nick Mickshik

Dan Cable, Professor of Organisational Behaviour at London Business School, explains that you need to activate their seeking system

By Dan Cable

This podcast is a London Business School lecture with Madan Pillutla, Professor of Organisational Behaviour on the art of negotiation

By Madan Pillutla

Happy people are curious, continually experiment and play to their strengths

By Dan Cable