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London Business School Review

The differences between academia and industry create risks and opportunities for firms and scholars

By Michaël Bikard

Thomas Fuerst, Founder of video identification service WebID Solutions, shares his seven lessons for entrepreneurs

By Rob Morris

Once a tech company achieves market dominance, mutually reinforcing factors make it almost impossible to displace

By Patrick Barwise

Efficiency, effectiveness and experience need a rebalancing, argues Nader Tavassoli

By Nader Tavassoli

Saurav Chopra, co-founder of Perkbox, on how to reinvent your business and other lessons for entrepreneurs

By Rob Morris

Student voices, the ally-advocate distinction, and what the research tells us

By Anna Johnston

A panel of experts representing key business sectors discuss how firms are planning for Brexit

By Linda Yueh

Companies that wanted to contribute to society used to receive short shrift from investors. But not anymore

By Ioannis Ioannou

Life keeps dishing out crises. But this adventurer and entrepreneur keeps growing more resilient

By Anna Johnston