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London Business School Review

LBS faculty propose essential reads that draw on the lessons of history to help navigate changing times

By London Business School

You may not have heard of the dilution effect – but you will doubtless have made decisions under its influence

By Niro Sivanathan

What will the year ahead bring for you and your business?

By Tammy Erickson

Six New Year tips for leaders from LBS’s Leadership Institute

By Randall S Peterson

How can organisations use digital technology to thrive in a disrupted world?

By Michael Davies

David Lubin sets out his vision for emerging economies

By Will Grahame-Clarke

LBS faculty recommend essential books for the holidays and beyond

By Will Grahame-Clarke

What Mickey Mouse, the Mad Max movies and the discovery of DNA tell us about being at our most creative

By Pier Vittorio Mannucci

How do collaborative, high-performing teams create value for your organisation?

By Randall S Peterson