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London Business School Review

Successful innovation doesn’t come easy. Here’s some real wisdom from people who know what they’re talking about

By Kathy Brewis

The same STEM job applicant might be viewed as more or less hireable depending on what aspect of her identity is presented as most salient.

By Aneeta Rattan

Selin Kesebir’s research shows how our use of language reflects and influences perceptions of gender roles

By Selin Kesebir

Public trust in institutions may be in short supply right now, but it’s a necessary ingredient for prosperity. How can we get it back?

By Elias Papaioannou

The entrepreneurs who choose riskier financing deals for a chance to become super-rich

By Suleyman Basak

The best leaders prioritise their people’s wellbeing, says Chris Hopson, Chief Executive, NHS Providers

By Kathy Brewis

The founders of BlaBlaCar were quick to spot the sharing economy trend and launch what looked like a risky startup.

By Kathy Brewis

LeCab founder and LBS Accomplished Entrepreneur Award winner Ben Cardoso has this advice for would-be entrepreneurs

By Kathy Brewis

Companies should embrace the idea that there’s no shame in trying something new – even if the result is a flop

By Kathy Brewis