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Professor of Economics

Interview with Dr Anwar Gargash, the UAE’s Minister of Foreign Affairs on its oil wealth and increasingly influential role in the world.

By Andrew Scott

LBS professors share what Brexit might involve – and how businesses might react

By Andrew Scott

Is living so much longer a gift or a curse? LBS' Lynda Gratton & Andrew Scott explore how we can make longevity work for us.

By Lynda Gratton

Will Hong Kong and Shanghai emerge as the pre-eminent world financial centres? Andrew Scott enters the futures market.

By Andrew Scott

LBSR asked four London Business School professors: Julian Birkinshaw, Nirmalya Kumar, Costas Markides and Andrew Scott for their ...

By Julian Birkinshaw

Andrew Scott questions whether Basel III is a credible cure for the financial crisis that shook the world.

By Andrew Scott

George Osborne halves growth forecast but insists plan is working

By Andrew Scott

We are asked four London Business School professors for their predictions on the year ahead.

By Andrew Scott