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The story behind the balance sheet

When companies merge, they bring people together too. How do you merge the hearts and minds of people?

By Maya Gudka

Research by London Business School’s Taylor Begley shows that in chasing a good rating, companies may be damaging their long-term prospects.

By Taylor Begley

The OECD publishes 'BEPS' tax reform proposals, transforming international taxation of multinationals over the next few years.

By Chris Higson

If we could better predict bankruptcy, would market participants be able to avoid some of the consequences of costly default proceedings?

By Maria Correia

The UK has always held a wide open door to foreign takeovers

By Chris Higson

Jane Barker was a truly exceptional individual

By Chris Higson

Probably more so than any other country the UK has a deep cultural resistance to selective industrial intervention by government

By Chris Higson

Depreciation is probably the most misunderstood number in accounting

By Chris Higson

2012 is the year of London. In the video, London Business School faculty give tips on what to expect along with highlights of our ...

By Marco Bertini