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Xi Zou

Assistant Professor of Organisational Behaviour

BBA (Lingnan), M.Phil (Chinese University of Hong Kong), M.Phil, PhD (Columbia)

Dr Xi Zou has taught the Masters in Management (MIM), Masters in Finance (MIF) and MBA programmes – as Assistant Professor of Organisational Behaviour.  Shecoaches on various consulting projects.  Her research draws on social psychology to understand how social structures, social roles, and cultures affect people’s judgments and behaviours in businesses.

Her work has been published in top management and psychology journals such as Research in Organisational Behavior, Organisational Behavior and Human Decision Making Processes, the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, and the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology.

Dr Xi Zou received a BA with First Class Honors in Information Sciences from the Lingnan University in Hong Kong and a PhD with Distinction in Organisational Behavior, from Columbia Business School in the United States.


Motivational affordance and risk preferences across decision domains

Zou X; Scholer AA

Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin 2016 Vol 42:3 p 275-289


Forgiveness is not always divine: When expressing forgiveness makes others avoid you

Adams G S; Zou X; Inesi M E; Pillutla M M

Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes 2015 Vol 126:1 p 130-141

Social network and subjective well-being: The contingent effect of regulatory focus

Zou X; Ingram P; Higgins ET

Motivation and Emotion 2015 Vol 39:5 p 693-713


In pursuit of progress: Promotion motivation and risk preference in the domain of gains

Zou X; Scholer A A; Higgins ET

Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 2014 Vol 106:2 p 183-201


Bonds and boundaries: Network Structure, organizational boundaries, and job performance

Zou X; Ingram P

Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes 2013 Vol 120:1 p 98-109


Mind-reading in strategic interaction: The impact of assumed similarity on projection and Stereotyping

Ames D R; Weber E U; Zou X

Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes 2012 Vol 117:1 p 96-110


Culture as common sense: Perceived consensus versus personal beliefs as mechanisms of cultural influence

Zou X; Tam K P; Morris M W; Lee S L; Lau I Y; Chiu C Y

Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 2010 Vol 97:4 p 579-597

Feeling right or being right: When strong assessment yields strong correction

Appelt K C; Zou X; Higgins E T

Motivation and Emotion 2010 Vol 34:3 p 316-324

When risk-seeking becomes a tactical necessity

Scholer A A; Zou X; Fujita K; Stroessner S J; Higgins E T

Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 2010 Vol 99:2 p 215-231


Regulatory fit and negotiation: Effects of "Prevention-Buyer" and "Promotion-Seller" fit

Appelt K; Zou X; Arora P; Higgins E T

Social Congnition 2009 Vol 27:3 p 365-384


Business friendship

Ingram P; Zou X

Research in Organizational Behavior 2008 Vol 28 p 167-184

Identity motives and cultural priming: Cultural (dis)identification in assimilative and contrastive responses

Zou X; Morris M W; Benet-Martinez V

Journal of Experimental Social Psychology 2008 Vol 44:4 p 1151-1159


  • Managing Organisational Behaviour, Core Course

  • Global Leadership Assessment and Management, Core Course

Masters in Management

  • Leadership in Organisations

Executive MBA

  • International Assignment, South Africa Field Trip

Masters in Finance

  • Personal Assessment and Development

Research Awards

  • 2007 Donald C. Hambrick Distinguished Doctoral Student Award, Columbia University 

Research Interests

  • Cultural psychology
  • Self regulation and social network