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Vikrant Vig

Professor of Finance

BS (Delhi) MS MBA MiF (Illinois) PhD (Columbia)

Dr Vikrant Vig’s research interests lie in the area of financial contracting and include: financial intermediation, firm’s choice of optimal debt structure, corporate governance, and law and finance. His current research focuses on the sub-prime mortgage market in the US where he investigates how securitisation affects the incentives of different agents in the supply-chain of credit.  

Vikrant has won several awards for his research on Securitisation. In 2008, his paper titled Did Securitisation Lead to Lax Screening: Evidence from Subprime Loans, won the best paper award at the European Finance Association meetings. The paper also won several other awards, such as the Mitsui Best Paper Award at the University of Michigan conference.

Dr Vig’s research on securitisation was cited in a number of congressional hearings in the US on the optimal policy response to the current housing crisis. More recently, his paper on the effect of labour regulations on capital structure, won the best paper award at the European Finance Association 2010 meetings.

At the London Business School, Vikrant teaches the Investments (core) course to full-time Masters in Finance students and a specialised Financial Economics course to PhD students. In 2009 and 2011, Vikrant was the runner-up for the best teaching award in the Masters in Finance programme.


How organizational hierarchy affects information production

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On estimating the distribution of optimal traveling salesman tour lengths using heuristics

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Information, credit and organization

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Social Sciences Research Network

Leveraged buyouts and credit spreads

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Social Sciences Research Network

Team stability and performance: evidence from private equity

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Social Sciences Research Network

The limits of model-based regulation

Behn M; Haselmann R; Vig V

Social Sciences Research Network


Talent in distressed firms: labor fragility and capital structure

Baghai R; Silva R; Thell V; Vig V

Social Sciences Research Network


How Hierarchies Affect Information Production

Skrastins J; Vig V

IFA Working Paper


The political economy of bank bail-outs

Behn M; Haselmann R; Kick T; Vig V

IFA Working Paper


Lending in social networks

Haselmann R; Schoenherr D; Vig V

IFA Working Paper

The differential impact of bank liberalization

Behn M; Haselmann R; Vig V

Working Paper


Labor and capital: is debt a bargaining tool?

Simintzi E; Vig V; Volpin P

Working Paper


  • E197 Capital Markets & Financing

  • PhD Course in Financial Economics III: Corporate Finance SUM15

Research Awards

  • London Business School Term Associate Professor of Finance (since 2010).

  • Finalist for the 2006 Lehman Brothers Fellowship for Excellence in Finance.

  • Visiting Scholar, Harvard Economics Department, 2010.

  • LECG Best Corporate Finance Paper Award, European Finance Association, 2010.

  • EUROBANK Overall Best Paper Award, European Finance Association, 2008.

  • Best Paper Award, Mitsui Conference, 2008. BSI Gamma Grant (2008).

  • CitiBank Best Paper Award, ISB, 2008.

  • NISM Best Paper Award, 2008.

  • Runner-up: Best Teacher Award (MiF) 2009, 2011.

  • Columbia University Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER)-Chazen Institute Doctoral Research Grant, Summer 2005.

  • Doctoral Fellowship, Columbia Business School, Columbia University, 2002-2007.

Research Interests

  • Corporate finance theory
  • Empirical corporate finance
  • Bankruptcy, law and finance
  • Corporate governance
  • Incentives
  • Financial contracting
  • Organisational economics