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Ahmed Tahoun

Assistant Professor of Accounting


Dr Ahmed Tahoun is an Assistant Professor of Accounting at London Business School. He has been a visiting research scholar at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and the Wharton School, has been on the faculty of the London School of Economics, a research fellow at the University of Valencia, and a banker at HSBC in Egypt.

His primary research interests are the economic consequences of transparency and the politics of financial markets. He has published his research in the Journal of Financial Economics and the Journal of Accounting Research.

Dr Tahoun received his PhD from MBS and completed his doctoral training courses at the Wharton School and Tilburg University.


Corporate scandals and regulation

Hail L; Tahoun A; Wang C

Journal of Accounting Research 2018 Vol 56:2 p 617-671

Do firms strategically disseminate? Evidence from corporate use of social media

Jung M J; Naughton J P; Tahoun A; Wang C

Accounting Review 2018 Vol 93:4 p 225-252

The personal wealth interests of politicians and government intervention in the economy

Tahoun A; Van Lent L

Review of Finance 2018 Forthcoming

The power of the street: evidence from Egypt's Arab Spring

Acemoglu D; Hassan T A; Tahoun A

Review of Financial Studies 2018 Vol 31:1 p 1-42


Do common inherited beliefs and values influence CEO pay?

Ellahie A; Tahoun A; Tuna I

Journal of Accounting and Economics 2017 Vol 64:2-3 p 346-367


Dividend payouts and information shocks

Hail L; Tahoun A; Wang C

Journal of Accounting Research 2014 Vol 52:2 p 403-456

The role of stock ownership by US Members of congress on the market for political favors

Tahoun A

Journal of Financial Economics 2014 January Vol 111:1 p 86-110


The influence of conditional conservatism on ownership dispersion: An international analysis

Ginera B; Tahoun A; Walker M

Spanish Journal of Finance and Accounting 2013 Vol 42:159 p 289-309


Aggregate and idiosyncratic political risk: measurement and effects

Hassan T A; Hollander S; van Lent L; Tahoun A

Social Sciences Research Network

Do common inherited beliefs and values influence CEO pay

Tuna I; Ellahie A; Tahoun A

Working Paper

Political lending

Vasvari F; Tahoun A

Journal of Financial Economics


Managing political risk

Tahoun A; Hassan T; Hollander S; van Lent L

Working Paper


  • MBA2018 Management Accounting C106 Streams A-E SPR17

Research Interests

  • Economic consequences of transparency
  • Politics of financial markets