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Nicos Savva

Associate Professor of Management Science and Operations

PhD (Cambridge)

Dr Savva’s work has appeared in Management Science, Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, Production and Operations Management and Nature Biotechnology. He is a senior editor of the journal Production and Operations Management and has acted as a consultant to hospitals, biotech companies, high-tech start-ups, retail firms and a hedge fund. He has also taught at The Wharton School and at Judge Business School, University of Cambridge.

He holds a PhD in Management Science, an MPhil in Finance (Financial Engineering) and a BA in Physics, all from the University of Cambridge.


Gatekeepers at work: an empirical analysis of a maternity unit

Freeman M; Savva N; Scholtes S

Management Science 2016 Forthcoming

Investing in market efficiencies, raising the prospects of India's farmers

Ramdas K; Savva N

London Business School Review 2016

Is IT enough? Evidence from a natural experiment in India’s agriculture Markets

Savva N; Parker C; Ramdas K

Management Science 2016 Vol 62:9 p 2481-2503

Maximising care

Savva N

London Business School Review 2016 Winter Vol 26:4 p 8-9

Crowdsourcing exploration

Papanastasiou Y; Bimikis K; Savva N

Management Science 2016 Forthcoming

Dynamic pricing in the presence of social learning and strategic consumers

Papanastasiou Y; Savva N

Management Science 2016 Vol 63:4 p 919-939


Role of equity, royalty and fixed fees in technology licensing to university spin-offs

Savva N; Taneri N

Management Science 2015 Vol 61:6 p 1323-1343

Signaling new product reliability with after-sales service contracts

Bakshi N; Kim SH; Savva N

Management Science 2015 Vol 61:8 p 1812-1829


Opt-out options in new product co-development partnerships

Savva N; Scholtes S

Production and Operations Management 2014 Vol 23:8 p 1370-1386


"Nursevendor problem": Personnel staffing in the presence of endogenous absenteeism

Green L V; Savin S; Savva N

Management Science 2013 Vol 59:10 p 2237-2256


Physician workload and hospital reimbursement: Overworked physicians generate less revenue per patient

Powell A; Savin S; Savva N

Manufacturing & Service Operations Management 2012 Vol 14:4 p 512-528

Codeines and coding

Powell A; Savin S; Savva N

Business Strategy Review 2012 Vol 23:1 p 82-82


Healthcare: A patient in search of cure

Savva N

Business Strategy Review 2011


Investment under uncertainty with price ceilings in oligopolies

Roques F A; Savva N

Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 2009 Vol 33:2 p 507-524


The economics of licensing contracts

Mason R ; Savva N ; Scholtes S

Nature Biotechnology 2008 Vol 26:8


  • C124 Data, Models & Decisions

EMBA Global

  • CL07 Decision Models

Executive MBA (Dubai)

  • CD26 Decision and Risk Analysis


  • E467 Advanced Modelling for Business Applications 

  • E487 Managing Healthcare