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Harold Rose

Emeritus Professor of Finance

BCom (London)

Professor Harold Rose was the first faculty member of the London Business School and the first economist to be employed by the Prudential Assurance Company (in 1948), then the largest insurance company in the world.

He has been Emeritus Professor of Finance at London Business School (LBS) and an Honorary Fellow of the School since 1996, and retired in 2001.

Professor Rose was invited to join the London School of Economics as Senior Lecturer, in 1958, to organise and teach on an industrial financing course for overseas government officials. In 1965 he left to become Professor of Finance of, what became, the London Business School.

He raised funds to establish the School’s Institute of Finance, in 1973, and became its first Director. He has recruited faculty who have made a lasting contribution to the School and the subject of finance itself. In 1975 he became Group Economic Adviser to Barclays Bank, but continued to teach on the Sloan programme. On retiring from Barclays in 1988, he returned to LBS on a part-time basis.

Professor Rose has held directorships at The Economist and the Abbey National Building Society. He has carried out extensive work for the public sector, for example acting as Special Adviser to the departments of industry and trade and of the environment and to the Treasury and Civil Service Committee of the House of Commons.

He has also been a member of the Bank of England’s Panel of Economic Consultants, the Chancellor’s Group of Independent Economic Consultants and the Retail Prices Index Committee.