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Ioannis Ioannou

Assistant Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship

BSc (Yale University), PhD (Harvard University)

Dr Ioannis Ioannou is a strategy scholar whose academic research focuses on sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Specifically, he has explored sustainability via two main themes. The first is examining the role of investors and capital markets in promoting a sustainable society in general, and sustainable and socially responsible business practices in particular. The second theme is investigating the multilevel drivers of socially responsible behaviour by corporations.

He also consults internationally with companies on how environmental, social and corporate governance strategies can be strategically adopted, effectively embedded and successfully implemented.

He has taught on the MBA Core Strategy course at LBS and several other degree programmes, such as the Masters in Finance programme, as well as on various Executive Education programmes.

In a recent pioneering article co-authored with Professor Robert Eccles and Professor George Serafeim, he has established the existence of a new type of modern corporation, the sustainable enterprise, and they have empirically characterized its structural distinctiveness as well as its long-term outperformance of the traditional firm.

His research work has been published in top management journals, including the Strategic Management Journal, Organization Science, Management Science and the Journal of International Business Studies. He recently joined the editorial board of the Strategic Management Journal. He is often quoted in media outlets such as Thomson Reuters, the Financial Times and The Guardian. In recognition of his impactful work, he has also been shortlisted for the Future Thinker Award of Thinkers50.

He graduated from Yale University in Economics and Mathematics, and holds a PhD in Business Economics from Harvard University. 


Corporate social responsibility and access to finance

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The impact of a corporate sustainability on organizational processes and performance

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Do actions speak louder than words? The case of corporate social responsibility(CSR)

Hawn O; Ioannou I

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What drives corporate social performance? The role of nation-level institutions

Ioannou I; Serafeim G

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Effects of capacity on sales under alternative supply contracts

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Drivers of corporate sustainability and implications for capital markets

Ioannis I; Serafeim G

Book Chapter: In Eccles R G, Beiting C & Saltzman D eds., The Landscape of Integrated Reporting; reflections and next steps, CUP, 2010

The impact of corporate social responsibility on investment recommendations

Ioannou I

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The profits of goodness

Ioannou I

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The impact of different types of spinoffs on firm survival: Evidence from the US automobile industry 1890-1986

Ioannou I

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A textbook example of international price discrimination

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- International Assignment – South Africa, C036 SUM15

- Dubai Executive MBA core course, Strategic Management, CD02 J SUM15

- MiF core course, Strategy for MiFs, E378 AUT14




- Feb-14 - Sustainability Module – 1st year fellows World Economic Forum
- Dec-13 - Elective Strategy for Masters in Finance (bloc week)
- Jan-13-Jun-13 - Fundamentals of Strategic Analysis, Emerging Leaders Programme (ELP)
- Sep-12-Dec-12 - Course Head: Core Strategy MBA2014
- Jan-12 - Elective Strategy for Masters in Finance (bloc week)
- Sep-11-Dec-11 - Core Strategy for MBA 2013
- Jan-11 - Elective Strategy for Masters in Finance (bloc week)
- Sep-10-Dec-10 - Core Strategy for MBA 2012
- Jan-10-Mar-10 - Elective Strategy for Masters in Finance
- Nov-08 - The Art and Craft of Discussion Leadership–Case Method Teaching Seminar,Harvard Bus. School
- Sep-06-May-07 - Social Policy 10, Group Leader, Harvard University, Economics Department
- Sep-05-May-06 - Social Policy 10, Section Leader, Harvard University, Economics Department
- Sep-01-May-03 - Core Economics Tutor, Yale Tutoring Program, Yale University
- Sep-02-May-03 - Math Grader, Yale University, Mathematics Department

- 2014 - Member of Prosperity Panel, advising the Minister of the Environment of Northern Ireland
- 2013 - Short-listed for Thinkers 50 Future Thinker Award
- 2012 - Hawn & Ioannou (2011): Best Paper Award SIM Division - Academy of Management (2012)
- 2011 - Best Conference Paper, PRI-Mistra/SIRP Academic Conference, United Nations PRI
- 2011 - Best Reviewer Award, Academy of Management 2011, SIM Division
- 2010 - Ioannou & Serafeim (2010): Best Paper Proceedings of the Academy of Management (2010) – SIM
- 2009 - Ioannou (2008): Distinguished Student Paper Award, BPS Division, Academy of Management 2009
- 2009 - Ioannou (2008): Best Paper Proceedings of the Academy of Management (2009) – BPS Division
- 2006 - Nominated for Bok Prize, awarded to Best Teaching Fellow across all Harvard departments
- 2005-2006 - Three Certificates for Distinction in Teaching, Bok Center, Harvard University
- 2003-2008 - Harvard Business School (Wyss) Doctoral Student Fellowship
- 1999-2003 - CASP / Fulbright Scholar, full scholarship for undergraduate degree

Research Interests

Corporate social responsibility and social performance, sustainability and sustainability reporting, social innovation and entrepreneurship.