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Christian Heyerdahl-Larsen

Assistant Professor of Finance

MSc (Cass Business School), PhD (BI Norwegian Business School)

Dr Christian Heyerdahl-Larsen specialises in asset pricing. His recent work has covered how heterogeneity in risk aversion affects stock return correlations, how disagreement about inflation influences the yield curve, and how good specific habit formation might help us understand exchange rate dynamics and the failure of uncovered interest rate parity.

Dr Heyerdahl-Larsen was a postdoc at The Institute for Financial Research (SIFR) in Stockholm, Prior to joining London Business School in 2010. He completed his PhD at the BI Norwegian Business School in 2009.



Ehling P; Heyerdahl-Larsen C

Management Science 2016 Forthcoming

Risk premia and volatilities in a nonlinear term structure model

Feldhutter P; Heyerdahl-Larsen C; Illeditsch P

Review of Finance 2016 Forthcoming


Complete and incomplete financial markets in multi-good economies

Ehling P; Heyerdahl-Larsen C

Journal of Economic Theory 2015 Vol 160 p 438-462


Asset prices and real exchange rates with deep habits

Heyerdahl-Larsen C

Review of Financial Studies 2014 Vol 27:11 p 3280-3317


Market selection and welfare in a multi-asset economy

Fedyk Y; Heyerdahl-Larsen C; Walden J

Review of Finance 2013 Vol 17:3 p 1179-1237


Asset prices and portfolio choice with learning from experience

Ehling P; Graniero A; Heyerdahl-Larsen C

IFA Working Paper

Disagreement about inflation and the yield curve

Ehling P; Gallmeyer M; Heyerdahl-Larsen C; Illeditsch P

IFA Working Paper

Risk premia, volatilities, and Sharpe ratios in a non-linear term structure model

Feldhutter P; Heyerdahl-Larsen C; Illeditsch P

Working Paper


Complete and Incomplete Financial Markets in Multi-Good Economies

Ehling P; Heyerdahl-Larsen C

IFA Working Paper


  • E207 Elective Course in International Finance

Research Interests

  • Asset pricing
  • International finance
  • Heterogeneous agent models